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The masters of great wise men, doctors, and all cultures and all times identified a few simple keys to health: proper breathing; nutrition; internal cleaning; moderate exercise; enough rest; positive, now focused perspectives, and live in harmony with nature. As a naturist and energy-saving therapist, I have been retreating to these basic health elements, but I still find that very few people really understand how important they are.

As we reach wellness and balance in any of the seven key areas, benefits extend to other areas, making it much easier to reach full wellness. When you enter every part of our life and our health into wellness, we only feel comfortable with the unprecedented level of health and well-being. But even the slight improvement, which in the week is like health, will benefit, and we will help make it stronger and healthier in the body, soul, and spirit.

Proper breathing

When not breathing properly, we are seriously influencing physiological and mental health. It eliminates our cells with the required oxygen and vitality (or prana) that is in it. The shallow breathing contributes to the release of histamine, which triggers allergic reactions, promotes inflammation and contributes to asthma. Lactic acid is proliferating in the brain, affecting our moods and mental state; the lymphatic system is not pumped into the body, which means that cell waste can not be properly removed

This means that poor breathing leads to accumulation of toxins and wastes in the body while limiting body healing, balance, energizing vitality or prana. It creates a vicious circle of congenital illness and affects our psychological well-being. Proper breathing and regular deep breathing eliminates the body of contaminants and cleanses and calms the mind.

Internal Cleansing

I believe that the main cause of the disease is the toxic overload in those times, where the body struggles with the build-up of toxins and can not safely get rid of them with normal detoxification processes.

We are constantly bombarding with toxins in the air, in the water and in the soil, in our foods, and even in our homes. If we are healthy, we are not overly stressful, healthy, fresh foods are consumed and we limit the exposure of environmental toxins, our bodies can naturally detoxify themselves. Internal cleansing and elimination processes are constantly working and cleaning waste and harmful substances that we ate, submerged or absorbed in our skin

On the other hand, an organization that can no longer effectively cleanse toxins from disease, poor immunity or the toxic overload is slowly toxic. This body is like a besieged city! From normal healing to an emergency. Normal healing and repairing processes stop, and everyone (your cells and organs) is dealing with defenses. Over time, if the body does not clear out of the toxins and recover, the immune system is exhausted and is a victim of many health problems. Now, your body needs the help of detoxification.

So what's the solution? Only by choosing natural products and consuming unprocessed food will we reduce the toxic load. Aim to balance: clean, healthy foods; clean water; sufficient exercise; deep breathing; and less harmful substances or chemicals. Keep in mind that otherwise healthy athletes who swim in chlorinated pools often produce pathogenic allergies, and many bake allergies to chemicals in flour or wheat due to constant exposure

Good nutrition

We always tell you to eat healthier food, but not many people appreciate the enormous role of food in creating and increasing the health of the body and the mind. Food is your fuel. If the quality or quantity of your meals is poor, then the body simply can not give enough energy to provide the necessary energy or the fuel will be of poor quality.

The immune system will not function properly if foods lack the fibers, nutrients and enzymes needed to support and build health. A strong immune system is your best ally for lifelong health and resistance to illness. To create and maintain good immunity, you need to take all the nutrients your body needs to help you metabolize, help you detoxify and heal your body to relieve you of further stress, nourish the nervous system and brain. maintaining a healthy biochemistry

Good nutrition also helps maintain the proper pH required for metabolic processes, such as digestion, blood circulation and release of body chemicals. Biochemicals – enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc. In order to maintain a good balance, your organization needs a more basic internal environment. Too much acidity weakens the immune system, promotes infection and inflammation, and overwhelms the metabolic processes that are essential for good health.

Fortunately, what you eat has a huge impact on the acidic balance of the body. Raw or slightly cooked vegetables and fruits rich in diet are the best way to alkalinize your body. This, in turn, supports the body's natural detoxification processes and strengthens the immune system

Moderate Exercise

Aerobic exercise (the kind that children and adults get when they are playing) receives a heart that pumps muscles, tissues and leakage of organs and toxins. Stretching helps release accumulated tensions and free toxins from the joints. Strength builds stronger muscles and organs

Practice not only strengthens our muscles, our hearts, and the lungs; it also ensures that more oxygen-rich blood is pumped throughout the body so that all cells run out of vital nutrients and stimulate the release of healing "happy" hormones. Our fatty cells rejuvenate, the effects of aging are suppressed to become younger and more emotional. In addition, wastes and toxins quickly penetrate the body's sealing channel, preventing sludge and toxins from spreading around our cells in tissues. Our lymphatic system, which disposes of cellular waste and toxins away from the cells, can not pull toxins unless the body is active. This can lead to the weight of the body as fat is the ideal place for storing toxins. Only one hour of moderate exercise can save one's body's energy, nutrients, and cleansing processes in one day: this can be as small as a fresh-air daily walk.

Too Restful

When in rest, your body improves and counteract normal damage and stress in everyday life. Without frequent resting, the body can be pushed too fast, emphasizing the immune system and making it more susceptible to infection, disease and disease.

So sleep is of enormous importance to your health, both physically and psychologically. Even 30 minutes of additional night sleep can be a big difference in mood, your ability to think and study clearly, and your body's recovery from daily stress. Recent research has shown that even 1 hour later school leaving allows school children to need their sleep to improve school performance.

The amount of sleep required by an individual may vary, although about 8 hours are generally considered to be a good average. Measure what you need as you feel. If you are constantly stressed, tired or angry or forgetful and over-worried, you may not sleep. Add another 30 minutes to the sleep time and note the difference.

Good sleep requires enough rest. To calm you down. Many people find deep relaxing exercises, very relaxing and refreshing. A calm walk on the beach can be relaxed, as you can occasionally stop under a tiring day to reach or just sit and breathe in the clear air as you watch the clouds. Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga can be relaxing as they relax and comfort both the body and mind, and smooth movements are washed away with fresh energy, oxygen and blood to the tired body.

Most important is the quality of rest … and your sleep. Stress or excessive tiredness can cause confusion, may cause a shallow sleep, such as allergies and other health problems. Concerns, negative emotions, overwhelmed, ineffective, or angry people may make the rest more difficult. You can find a cup of tea, but the sad mind does not rest, which means your body is not completely relaxed.

The point is that both your body and your mind need breaks during the day and relax. If you find this to be difficult, your sixth health secret may be particularly useful.

Life in the Moment

What do I mean by this? It is a combination of things that move from negativity to a positive attitude, and often called greater personal efficiency. When we are present at this moment, we do not tie the past with regret, guilt, and other negative luggage, and we do not take care of our future wishes or dreams. Instead, we focus on this moment that enables us to consciously live

. Current life-time reduces the main causes of stress: worry or fear of the future, or longevity of older pains or faults. It gets us free to focus on what needs to be done to get the results we want. It also frees us to appreciate what's around us and to give the ones around us a lighter, happier heart. Our power is flowing more freely; our health is booming; make it easier to balance in different areas of our lives, in our emotions and in rest.

A calm man lives in peace with himself and with the world. The calm mind can fully at this moment. This is the secret of emotional flexibility and enthusiasm. If we are able to maintain calm and return to rest in times of stress, we are becoming more and more reflected. What's more, we are able to stop responding and choose our responses based on our own values ​​and ideals instead of feeling that we are doing this or doing so. A relaxed soul is a powerful source of inner strength and flexibility.

Harmony with nature

In fact, all that you have just read is in harmony with nature. This is because we are good for nature as well. We are, like or not, a part of nature, and our bodies have been shaped to maintain our lives and health in a continuous environment. If our environment is not conducive to health and well-being, we are struggling to keep up-to-date struggle against health and everyday stress and body wear.

Keep in mind that diseases and allergies are often the interaction between the body mind and the environment. Your health depends to a large extent on whether you have created and maintained a health-promoting environment.

You can help yourself to consider yourself as the energy body that lives in the energy world. In some areas you are a positive pole, while others are negative. If you try to get all of us or the other – to give or take everything – then you will be completely balanced by your relationship and nature (including the ones around you). The result? Blocked or damaged energy, anxiety and poor health.

There is plenty of information about them to live a more natural life. Some are a bit extreme, but you can do a lot of things with ease and adapt to your life.

In the long run, the secret in harmony with nature is the balance that will take away from the world, what I put into your body, and what you take away from it and the temper in everything. Balance is the most important.

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