The role of yoga in health and fitness

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As a result of the modernization of lifestyle, we lost the harmony of life, which resulted in many diseases such as hypertension, obesity, coronary heart disease, and so on. To prevent disease, we must accept a better way of life that includes a balanced diet with appropriate physical activity.

Yoga is largely taken into account in the science of modern life. Yoga comes from the word "law", which means "to join" or "together". Yoga is an information method that creates a balance between the mind, the spirit, and the body. Yoga can increase individual physical flexibility, coordination and strength while breathing exercises and meditation can rest and awareness gained more attention. Therefore yoga needs to be incorporated into our daily routine of healthy lifestyle as well as mental stress.

Benefits of Yoga

# 6. Yoga for General Welfare – Regular yoga practitioners can sense the body's healthy fitness, status, mental strength, increases awareness, helps maintain body energy, detoxifies the body, and so on. Yoga receives more oxygen to its cells that has an effect on body function and increases body circulation [19659002] # 5. Yoga for Stress Reduction and Inner Peace Yoga's Daily Practice can help get rid of the stress caused by various causes . Yoga postures, such as pranayama and meditation, are the best effective methods to relieve stress. These techniques provide peace of mind, balance the mind and body, and bring inner peace to the body.

# 4. Yoga for better flexibility and posture Add yoga to your daily routine to make your body stronger and more flexible. The daily practice of stretching strengthens your muscles. It also improves elasticity of the body. Due to bad posture, we return, neck, muscle and common problems. Yoga's everyday practice improves body position when walking, standing, sitting and sleeping. Yoga also makes pain painful because of incorrect posture.

# 3. Yoga for Immunity Yoga asan improves the body's immune function, which includes blood pressure, including cardiovascular disease. Yoga increases blood circulation and fat burning to reduce cholesterol. It stimulates insulin production, thus preventing diabetes. It also improves gastrointestinal function, eliminating toxic waste from the body. It helps maintain a healthy balance with metabolism by reducing hunger and weight.

# 2. Yoga for Weight Loss Obesity today is the main problem affecting the majority of the population; Yoga is a technique that will help you with the weight loss . Regular practice of yoga will help you burn more calories and balance your hormone levels, as this may encourage you to eat less and lose less food and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

# 1. Yoga increases the power of concentration Yoga increases the individual's concentration. The regular practice of yoga can increase your concentration and focus on a better life and profession.

Thus, the practicing art of yoga helps to control man's consciousness, body and consciousness. This holistic approach makes it physically and mentally fit so it includes yoga asanas according to the habits of health and physical activity.

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