The role of nutrition in disease prevention and health preservation

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"In the history of Western medicine, many seek to preserve the health of themselves and their families, nutrition is actually an essential component of preventative medicine, and an area that can be effective in corrective medicine for many general health problems."

Nutrition is a key element of health and should not be ignored during the illness Some well-known doctors claim that all diseases are the result of inadequate nutrition habits

The rapid increase in healthcare costs and the longer more and more people are concerned about nutrition and nutrition to maintain their health. No doubt nutrition plays a major role here.

Proper nutrition and regular exercise can help avoid nutritional consumption or even surgery without repairing the results of fast-paced, fast food-consuming and versatile life.

Healthy eating habits (as we eat) are the basis for healthy eating. Nourishing (whole, unprocessed, without chemical additives) is not enough.

Simpler foods (with a special combination of foods for better digestion and absorption) are increasingly available to people with optimum health-orientation.

However, the often overlooked factors are equally important in healthy eating:

  • the way of preparing and serving our food
  • the time of the day when we eat
  • the environment in which we eat and how we feel when we eat

    The path of the Western world is that bad food everywhere, at any time and inexpensive. Farmers' markets and health food stores are, however, harder to find in certain areas. In the end, everyone comes to common sense. Our body always sends us a message and if we only learn to listen to these messages, we will not need to try out all the countless diets that do not work. So despite the fact that biofeedback is the perfect messenger, we tend to overwrite the signs and track the heavily advertised passions. This kind of behavior affects our now and our long-term feeling. Overweight is the result of poor nutrition and low activity levels. The only way to lose extra pounds permanently is to change your lifestyle. Choosing the less fatty foods is a good choice but not enough. As certain emotions and the fear of creativity and change promote unhealthy eating habits, we must choose personal growth (over addictions), decide what we want and focus on our goals.

    Dietary habits and eating patterns family traditions affect us all in our young age. As adults, however, we have created our own choices and choices and we continue to ask ourselves why we do things – and keep the answers in mind.

    in the detoxification stage (such as cold or flu, when the intestines, cells and mucous membranes are selected) simply tries to eliminate accumulation of long-term toxins. It does not eat much (mainly fruits and vegetables) and consumes more fluids (clean, freshwater and herbal teas) and supports the cleaning process.

    Our dietary needs vary with seasons and age. Growing children need a richer diet to build and expand tissues. When we physically stop, we just have to keep our body, which requires lighter, fibrous and nutritious rich foods. As we get more and our metabolism slows down, our dietary needs are further reduced.

    As well as fitness activity at all ages is as important as low levels of stress. Under stress, our body can not digest or absorb the nutrients needed and sometimes require additional supplements.

    When we respond to a stressful situation we lose our appetite, this is a very useful reaction. As mentioned earlier, in stressful times, our bodies do not process foods well. Meal does not allow us to "hear" better than our only body that this life signifies and reveals our feelings. The human body needs food as a source of energy and maintenance of the plant. It is quite obvious that nutrition plays an important role in health and illness. Fortunately, more and more professionals are available, nutritionists. Online and brick-making shops offer more and more choice for healthy, nutritious foods. The information is abundant. But we have to decide what to do and choose the best.

    * Haas, M. D., Elson M .. Having a Healthy Nutrition . 1. Berkeley, CA: Celestial Arts Publishing, 1992.

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