The reasons for the walnuts should be your favorite snacks

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In recent times, we have generally said the benefits of nuts in health, as in a recent US survey of adults, it was found that almost 95% of the 19-50 year-olds did not buy wood barrels. If people were more aware of the unhealthy benefits of this wonderful meal, perhaps more people would add to their diet. The biggest disadvantage of being high in calories is that the fact that studies have shown that those who add nuts to their diet did not show significant weight loss were less likely to be discounted.

What is the reason for this? It seems logical that if you add high fat foods to your diet, your weight will increase. Hazel Exception for Three Reasons:

1. The nuts are up and you feel less eat unusual food and food.
2. His system does not include the fat content of mothers but passes through.
3. Nuts increase metabolism.

So if you replace high fat, low-nutrition foods with nuts instead of dieting, you should lose weight while retaining these parts. There have been studies that support this. For example, the recommended nourishment of the nuts is about 1.5 oz per day or about 20 nuts per day.
So, if you're wondering which are the healthiest nuts, the nuts are the highest in terms of overall health benefits? It is rich in roses, vitamins B, magnesium and antioxidants, and stands out from other nuts at significantly higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. The following are some of the reasons why the nuts need a diet.

first Cardiovascular benefits. Research has shown that walnuts lowered LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol levels and had a positive effect on blood quality and reduced risk of excessive blood clotting. These factors help to reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.

2nd The problems of metabolic syndrome are reduced. This is not so much an illness as overlapping metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, obesity, excess blood fat, and insufficient HDL cholesterol. The one-walnut nut consumed daily for three months reduced the amount of abdominal fat.

3rd Anti-cancer effects. Because of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of nuts, the research has shown that its anti-cancer effect is high. Chronic inflammation and chronic oxidative stress, the two biggest threats to the development of cancer, have decreased as well as prostate and breast cancer when they consumed a fair amount of nut.

4th Type 2 diabetes treatment. Although diabetes is a matter of blood glucose control and insulin maintenance, type 2 diabetics pose greater risk to cardiovascular problems. An adequate diet for diabetics includes their nuts diet for greater cardiovascular maintenance.

5th Other potential benefits. Large amounts of walnuts demonstrated better bone stability and the anti-inflammatory nutrients found in this nuts had a beneficial effect on obesity. As mentioned earlier, if we replace nuts and other nuts with foods that have saturated fats such as meat and cheese, and moderate consumption, then weight is greatly reduced.

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