The reason for raw nutrition

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We've all heard of a vegan or vegetarian diet, but the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeating only fresh raw foods is a bit unique and less understandable. Is it possible to consume healthy food from any raw food and why do you want it?

It goes without saying that fresh foods are better. It contains more nutrients than the obsolete food. You could carry this promise a little longer and contained cooked food there. Fresh, raw food contains so many nutrients as high-heat foods, so it's better for our body.

Take a look at the raw foods against their cooked state. Raw is usually bright color and sharp texture. On the other hand, cooked foods are much softer and softer and small. The difference is very obvious.

High temperatures break down many active enzymes and some finer vitamins. Even the proteins are damaged by high heat. Although the experts did not fully agree on the exact temperature that marks the point between the raw and the boiled point, many say that they should only be eaten in foods that were kept under 115F. This includes all processing before you buy it.

Many people who have given up cooked foods have found their natural immune system to improve, and cold and flu stop in every winter. Although the initial shift to raw is difficult on the digestive system, first the added fibers can work better with the digestive processes, with less digestive disorder or with gas. Of course, raw foods are less processed, salt and very little sugar. Chemicals and preservatives are also not part of the raw diet, so you will be free.

It may look a bit scary and extremely extreme, but it will surprise you how many foods you can cook without actually cooking. You don't just have to eat fruit and raw vegetables. With a little ingenuity, you can create a large number of dishes that are all raw. For example, a mixture of raw dates, raw carob, walnut and honey can become a "fudge" sweet piece. This will take a little more and more, but it may be a completely new way of preparing food.

Dehydrators are a great tool for a novel raw food. Dry foods can create a crisp texture (for cookies and biscuits) without actually heating the food into the cooked area. There are some tricks you can learn to add a variety of variations to your possible menu.

Because food is not cooked, it is also a vegetarian or even vegan diet, as animal products are generally not consumed raw. This is another advantage if we only consume fresh raw foods.

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