The Purpose of Yoga – A Legal Diet for Peaceful Solutions

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Yoga, the Sattvic diet is considered a very important issue for the holistic health of a yoga expert. When most people think that the phrase, "diet", eating boring food, torture, and weight loss, come to mind. However, healthy eating can be made tastefully.

As a result of good taste, all of us are looking forward to our food and we consume a healthy diet on a daily basis. Nutrition has also proven to affect behavior. Examining human and animal behavior shows that vegetarian diets cause less violent behavior.

Rich animals, such as chimpanzees, rats and iguanas, are aggressive in eating meat. There is a need for more unbiased scrutiny of the aggressive behavior of meat consumed in humans. Considering the dramatic behavioral change in chimpanzees; This is much more aware of what foods we eat and how they affect their own behavior.

Sattvic Diet brings a peaceful behavior while nourishing the body and mind. So what is the basis of Sattvic Diet? The Sattvic diet consists of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, honey, nuts, seeds, oils, herbs, spices, legumes and whole grains.

Preferably, all these foods are organic, fresh and should be consumed the most raw once or twice a day. Does this look familiar? This is a traditional yogic diet that has existed for thousands of years. Yet, the same diet has recently become popular worldwide and "doctor recommended".

It is wise to consume cooked meals at least once a day to increase your morale, but the food should not be cooked. Using a microwave oven to keep food warmed to a minimum, as this may result in more food preparation and reduced nutritional value.

Consuming fresh vegetables and fruits is a healthy exercise. Typical Sattvic spices are turmeric, cumin, basil, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, fennel and ginger.

The food mentioned so far is just a small sample of the many options available. If you are creative, you can prepare food that will make your friends and family get back nervously.

This is the last point on diet and peaceful solutions. Whenever or when you decide to live on a Sattvic diet; do not replace the arguing point at home or with your friends.

Unfortunately, no one wants to eat a healthy diet, and some people are allergic to certain foods, even if they are healthy. Never "play" because it is better for you to be healthy or yoga practiced. This is a great "turn off" for those who benefit from a Sattvic diet and healthy nutrition.

Healthy eating and exercising yoga is a personal choice. It is also true that no one can be forced to eat healthy. It will do much more damage than good if you have a problem with your diet, even if you are right.

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