The nutritional benefits of the couscous

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Not many people know what the couscous is, and fewer people actually tasted the delicacies and foods made from healthy food. The couscous is actually a grain dish that is similar to dough or rice. In fact, it was made of wheat which was moistened and then formed into small grains. Coconut eyes are smaller than rice seeds and flour dust to retain their structure. It is interesting to know that couscous is cut off in some regions of the world, and in some countries pasta or rice can be considered. Like pasta and rice, the couscous can be very versatile in preparation and can be used in different meals and salads; and can also be used to produce by-products.

Since couscous is made from wheat grain, it is manufactured and sold in different ways. Some people use couscous without adding any seasonings or extra ingredients. There are, however, shops selling them in different varieties, including couscous roasted onion, garlic or olive oil. Amazingly, the couscous can be made with different types of wheat to add different flavors.

People in different parts of the world make couscous differently. Some countries, such as the African region, couscous in combination with thin broth and boiled vegetables. In Morocco, however, the couscous serves many vegetables, sauces and beans. In the western countries, however, couscous can be used as an alternative to rice and pasta. If the couscous is not local in your area, you can always buy them from healthcare stores or from the ethnic food of some supermarkets.

When it comes to nutrition, the couscous will never tell. In fact, it is one of the healthiest cereal-based products. The glycemic load is 25% lower for pasta per gram. Not only is it known from couscous that vitamin content is high over dough. To prove this, it should be noted that the couscous holds twice the niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and folic acid compared to the dough. It also contains more thiamine and pantothenic acid.

Couscous is also a very good source of protein since every gram contains 3.6 grams of protein. The protein content is the same as the dough, but slightly higher than the white rice. It would also be interesting to note that the couscous contains only 1% calories of fat, so it is a good alternative to rice and pasta if you want your meal to be greasy.

Couscous is of course a very good source for carbohydrates. If you are tired of the usual grain production like pasta and rice, then couscous can be a good alternative. Thanks to its carbohydrate content, despite the small particle size, hunger is very satisfying. It is best for the couscous to have no cholesterol.

Keep in mind that you can make rice or dough alone, or combine it with beef, pork, chicken and vegetables.

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