The nutrient loss of the soil is in poor health

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There is little known in the country about our serious problem of our nutrient depletion in the soil. Using heavy fertilizers, farmers are able to produce healthy, nutritious plants. The problem is that the plants are very deficient in the most important nutrients. After years of farming and heavy fertilizer use, the soil loses all its good, healthy virtues. Vitally important soil microbes that break down the minerals into the form that the body can use are lost. Vitamin and mineral levels are drastically reduced and the soil is basically burnt out.

Unfortunately, even if the soil is burned, farmers still produce good fruits and vegetables by using large amounts of fertilizer. Fruits and vegetables have a good calorie content, but very little in the form of real nutrition . Most of the products sold are now in this category. We think that when we buy a broccoli or a sack of apples, we make great physical activity to our body. In reality, half of the nutrition is what we think if we do not get empty calories.

The 1992 Global Summit Earth Summit showed that more than 85% of the agricultural land in the United States was depleted of micronutrients. Many people think that purchasing organic vegetables will remedy this problem. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. Just because a product says organic does not mean that it is cultivated nutrient-rich soil. This simply means that many hard fertilizers have not been used. Of course this is a step in the right direction, but it still does not respond to the problem of food shortage.

In short, cultivating your own vegetable in the soil, you know it is rich in nutrients, you have little problem. Fortunately, the body still receives all of the nutrients required by adding high quality food supplements. Eniva VIBE is designed with the highest quality technology to solve nutritional deficiencies. You can still enjoy a vibrantly healthy life if you are aware of the problems caused by nutritional deficiencies and must protect yourself.

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