The Magic of Yoga – Inspiration for Beginners

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As you practice yoga, you are beginning to notice the changes in the way you react to workplace events and home situations. Because the pains and pains are no longer troubled, your nervous system is in a relaxed state, and your thoughts are not too tense with crazy thoughts, you find that we are able to answer your life completely differently than you once did. Suppose someone slips in front of you when you're on the highway. It may have been threatening, angry, or frightened earlier. However, since you have come from only one yoga class, tranquility pervades your being and is able to react quickly and avoid the accident. In addition to the typical angry reactions, we can go our way to leadership and our cultural obsession with a bit of relief. In addition, there is a spacious feeling in your mind, there is fun. He can think, "Maybe the person's wife is seriously ill in the hospital and she has to hurry." It maintains a quiet focus and is safely home.

Suppose a family member says or does something that can cause protection and confusion. As you practice practicing yoga, especially in combination with meditation, you develop inner consciousness and the presence of the soul to catch these feelings before they appear in angry, painful words. You can ask yourself, "Is there something truth that they say?" Finally, when you open a box, the only thing that comes out is the one you already have. Ask yourself why there is anger in your box and why does it come out so easily? You now have the ability to enter and watch for yourself that next time a similar situation will not cause a similar reaction.

Yoga is more than pose. As you progress along the way, you will learn to use the relaxed feelings and the wise philosophies that are the basis of yoga in all areas of your life. There is yoga in your mind, in your words, and in your heart.

The purpose of life is to be joy, not sorrow; fulfillment, no punishment; abundance, not deprivation. Yoga is about finding happiness, our nature, every moment of our lives, winding movements. When you do this, yoga is alive. Then you have a smile in your heart and sleep in peace when the day finally stopped.

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