The Importance of Nutrition for Total Physical and Mental Health

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Scientific evidence is very clear about this: we can firmly handle our own health through our daily nutrition.

Did you know that scientists are really trying to protect astronauts from radiation through dietary supplements? The dangers of radiation in outer space pose a huge threat to the safety of astronauts, causing the formation of free radicals. However, with special nutrition, astronauts can withstand the effects of these free radicals.

The same principle applies to us as "normal" people. Free radicals are caused by all kinds of environmental attacks in our body. It is a good thing that more and more people are now seeing and changing their lifestyles to understand the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.

If the healthy body and consciousness are what you want, understanding nutrition is the most important. In its infinite wisdom, nature has provided us with everything that would promote growth, the immune system, mental alertness, physical strength, and so on. Without a basic understanding of nutrition, it will be very difficult if it is not impossible to create a diet that incorporates the body's necessary elements.

What does nutrition understand?

It simply says: Everything you eat affects your body. So you have to make sure that what you are eating contains the elements your body needs. Your body needs carbohydrates, fats, protein and the last, but certainly not least, water. The amount of consumption of each item greatly influences your feeling, reaction time and age

1. Carbohydrates – this is the number one source of energy in the body. Our liver and our muscles need sufficient carbohydrate intake to maintain good health. There are two main types of carbohydrates (or carbohydrates):

– Simple carbohydrates that are predominantly sweet in nature (eg, fructose, sucrose, glucose, etc.) and

complex carbohydrates based on starch (corn, brown rice, wheat, etc.).

2nd Fat should be taken in the required amount to reduce metabolism and protect vital organs. Too much fat in everyday nutrition, however, has an opposite effect. The two main fat

– Cholesterol: Cholesterol can be obtained from the seafood, eggs, dairy products and meat.

– Triglycerides: saturated, saturated and mono-saturated fats; heart function

3. Protein – Without the protein the body can not grow or improve. Non-essential amino acids are produced by the body itself (that is, non-essential, the body can provide), while the essential amino acids must be introduced into the body by consuming the right foods. 4. Water – the body needs plenty of water: at least eight glasses every day. This amount helps the body by eliminating toxins, combating dehydration, preventing heat loss, lowering body temperature, digestion and many other functions. We all know that people can live for up to three weeks without food; but they lose within 48 hours without water.

Appropriate wall balanced nutrition directly contributes to the health of individuals and communities. Clinical trials, as well as laboratory tests and evidence collected during field work support the importance of the concept in clinical medicine, dental practice and public health practice

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