Ten Teaching Tips for New Yoga Teachers

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Yoga teaching is one of the most important decisions that can be made alive. Yoga is a great healing and spiritual exercise that not only fits physically but also mentally and emotionally healthy. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning "union". Yoga is essentially a unit of body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy given by a great Indian wise "Patanjali". Today, yoga has become a world-wide phenomenon that helps millions of people re-invent themselves and find their inner and real self.

So, if you're a rookie, what do you have to keep in mind to have a bright career? The first ten tips are listed below:

1. Practice: Practice: Keeping the daily practical schedule is crucial to improving Yoga's posture and coordination, while also increasing the confidence needed for the success of a yoga teacher. It is generally advisable to practice at least 2 hours a day for best results. If you are letarged or smug, you may adversely affect your career or your future growth.

Keeping Learning: Learning is a continuous process and never stops. Therefore, you should not be smug and do not have to refresh yourself with the latest trends or updates of Yoga and other holistic health practices. Subscribe to important yoga journals or blogs and get the latest news or articles about yoga

. Stay humble: As a yoga teacher, you are responsible for helping people re-invent themselves and connect with their souls. They play an important role in the path towards inner awakening and spiritual liberation. You can only do this role if you are humble and compassionate. With arrogance, people can not connect with you or understand your teaching.

4th You are always ready to help: Students can at any time need your help. That's why you always have to maintain a helper behavior, always ready to help your students get help. Make sure you are always available to help your students and provide them with the necessary guidance whenever you need them

. Fundamentals of Philosophy: Yoga is an ancient philosophical science that Sage Patanjali suggests. Yoga essentially helps us to understand our true nature and to associate with our spirit or soul. In order to be effective in practice, you need to understand the key concept of yoga and vedanta. You have to keep the Bhagwat Gita, Yoga Sutra and other Vedanta literature. Bhagwat Gita is essentially a Vedanta literature, an important book that you must read and understand well.

6th Customizing Your Teaching: Since everyone has the unique spiritual and personal needs, it is always better to personalize his teaching methodology. With this approach, practice becomes more effective and useful for readers.

7th Share experiences and connect: It works better if you share your experience with students to get in touch and learn about them. You can better link and send the message if it can be said in theory in a story.

8th Master Fever Exercises: Breathing plays an important role in yoga practice and is essential for achieving the desired results. Therefore, it is very important to learn the concept and techniques of breathing and to give the students the same thing. Breathing exercises are the heart of the practice of yoga; so you simply can not be mistaken.

ninth Develop Your Unique Practices: Yoga is more about practice than about theory. Learn the concepts and shape your own style and practice by utilizing your own skills and expertise. Not just copycats.

10th Integrity: Ultimately, it is very important to be integrity and credible in practice. Make sure you preach. If it is not true of your teaching or your wisdom, it will be very difficult for students to get in touch with you. The more honest it will be in practice; the better the result. Do not sacrifice your integrity for personal gain.

The teaching of Yoga is a truly hopeful experience that not only helps you to rejuvenate yourself, but also to help others transform their inner world. Keep in mind the above mentioned tips and secure your thriving career as a yoga trainer for yourself.

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