Study Yoga Case Study – Mitigation of MS Symptoms

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Studying the yoga chair for a few years Liz Franklin testifies that it is suitable for almost everyone, even if they feel the effects of aging or physical limitations. The twenties, twisting themselves into prudent positions – is the only prerequisite to sit in a chair, including a wheelchair.

What better way to illustrate the benefits of yoga classes for those who can take part in a traditional yoga class than to say their own words?

Hi! I'm Keri Rodriguez. I'm a 46-year-old appraiser crisis center expert. Liz Franklin yoga deals with chairs in the first August of 2005 since the first class.

I went to the first class because I was not willing to give multiple sclerosis. I felt that she had to do everything she could to help her mentally and physically. I was a bit doubtful at first because I was not sure if she could be physically yoga. Liz showed me how I could succeed!

Liz is a great teacher. Each class feels that it feels good if every week we change our changing needs. Each class is a great experience for me. It's such a wonderful thing to be with a group of people who really understand what it's like to co-exist with MS. My class's success helped me in the rest of my life.

The benefits of my practice are too many to list here, but with more flexibility, more energy, greater confidence, and helped me concentrate and concentrate on the task. I learned how to treat anxiety and stress better. My work is very stressful, and the practitioner of yoga has helped me concentrate on the client I am currently with. I feel that in both my professional and personal life I am more central and less reactive.

Even if you do not believe you can do this or you will like it, you should try it because you will love it. You can do it. No matter where you are physically or mentally, you will be in the right place after you practice. It's so easy to incorporate the lessons into everyday life. It will not take long, and your day will be much better.

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