Sports nutrition information for high school athletes

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Today's children often do not get adequate nutrition education at home or in school so sport is a good way to share the information they need for a healthy and happy life.

Spending a small snack (100 calories) for athletes is a good idea for 30 minutes before the activity for 1 hour. Larger snacks (200-300 calories) or food (400+ calories) must be released before activity. Bigger snacks must be eaten two hours before the activity and three hours before the activity.

This allows the body to properly process food and reduces the risk of unprocessed meals or bad effects, such as convulsions. By eating in good time before exercise, players will ensure that they work properly on their bodies for their work.

After practice, players must re-eat. There is no rule on how fast to eat after exercise but will soon be fed. This promotes healthy muscle recovery and replenishes the body of vital nutrients, allowing faster recovery of the muscle. The player's metabolism rises several hours after exercise, so it is always good for a meal, although many nutritionists recommend that you consume 60 to 90 minutes of activity. Meals in this period encourage the body to make nutrients energy for fat rather than muscle.

Now that you can teach players when to eat, you need to know how to tell them what to eat. Before exercise, players need food that lasts for a long time while providing complex sugars to give them energy. Examples of good foods to provide complex sugars and slow decomposition are:
· Fruit
· Whole grains
· Energy pad
· Nutrition
· Low fat yogurt

Carbohydrates, which increase the amount of stored energy in the athlete's muscles. Milk products, such as low fat milk or yogurt, are slowly decomposing and energizing through exercise. This provides long-term performance in low-fat compositions. The whole eyes offer similar benefits.

At the end of the exercise, players must re-eat, as mentioned above. To promote energy for muscle and non-fats, players must eat a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. The protein is needed to rebuild the muscles and to quickly restore them. Carbohydrates provide long energy, and most of the prepared restaurants should be used.

The protein accounts for about one-fifth of calories consumed after training. Athletes should consume about 300 to 400 calories within one hour. Examples of good food choice during this period:

· Bagel and 3 ounces of tuna
· Banana and low fat yogurt
· 2 cups of corn flakes with raisins and 2 cups of skimmed milk [19659002] Players and parents need to know sports nutrition information before the start of the season. If you are training a team, arrange nutrition during the pre-season parental meetings .

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