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If you really mean to be a good softball player then you have to be on a diet. It may be nuts (okay, enough for walnut now) but this is perfectly good for those who understand the importance of nutrition in the softball game.

Good nutrition is very similar to giving your car a fluid that you need: gasoline, engine oil and brake fluid, just to name a few. Good foods provide your body with the things you need to make it the best you can. So if you want to become a really good softball payer, then the solution is partly on the food you eat and drink anything else.

Now that you're exactly a softball nutritionist? Let me show you the following.

Being crazy about carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the fast-burning fuels that your body needs for softball – fast running, catching the ball, and kicking the ball. Without carbohydrates, your body seems lethargic and slowly responds to what you want.

What are the good sources of carbohydrates now? Some fantastic sources include wheat-based products such as bread, then brown rice and pasta.

Be passionate about proteins

Your body is suffering from the typical wear that is regularly subjected, especially to the muscles. That's why you need a stable protein source in your diet. This is because the proteins help to repair torn muscles in the body, which further increases the damage and minimizes the risk of injury.

Poultry products, fish and meat products are good protein sources. So it's customary for proteins to become part of your diet.

Protein shake and smoothie are also a major protein source. Get them out of workout to ensure maximum absorption, as this is the era in which the body thirsts for the protein.

Do not be nuts in nuts (but enough)

Nuts are the best source of fat. But just like other fat-rich food sources, you should keep your fat intake to a minimum.

The latest softball nutrition nuts: keeping a food journal

Keeping a food journal might seem too big for some but help keep meals. It also shows you what you are doing and not. So if you want to quit the calories in the food that you have eaten during the week or during a certain period, keep the food diary. You do not mind, but it's definitely good for your health.

So you're pretty hungry for nutrition (softball )? The softball nutrition tips shared above are enough to tell you if you are one. Again, it's just that you love good nutrient sources, especially carbohydrates, protein and a reasonable amount of fat. Apart from this, store your food journal to help track your calorie intake and help find out

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