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Overview If I like it, you do not really like the slimming process as the end result. That is why when I pay a few pounds I like to do it as fast and easy as possible. I wrote about how to speed up fat burning, but today I wanted to talk about simple diet and food to make it simpler.

Let's see, for example, Slim Fast.

Tommy Lasorda (Do you remember Slim Fast ads?) Shake breakfast, shake it for lunch, and try not to dine for the entire kitchen. Guess? He lost his weight (the kind of weight, the weight of the weight loss and, if kept, a completely different story). Tens of thousands of people have taken this Slim Fast approach to weight loss and success (at least for a short time).

Why does it work

1. Easy to follow Now a shake. Shake it later. It's not easier.

2. Controllers Calories 1 contain a certain amount of calories. You can not eat shake.

3. Quick shake and drink. Who has no time to do this?

The main problem is that Slim Fast shakes eyes. It can make your body a lot better and improve fat burning with simple twisting. Make shake the protein dominant Look for a good protein powder that does not ruin the taste of the shake.

2. Get a blend of fats Use walnut, linseed oil, and so on

3. Pre-release with antioxidants Add frozen dried fruits / vegetables (ie Super Food, Greens +, Emerald Balance etc.), frozen blueberries, cherries, etc.

4. Fill up with fibrous material Make a few glucomannas capsules Benefiber or add chain to fibers added to vibration

Now that we have increased the nutrition of our shakes, it's time to use Slim Fast principles [19659002] Easy Follow – Drink 2 or 3 shakes a day instead of breakfast, lunch and / or daytime meals. You can choose what best suits the schedule.

Control Calories There is a recipe for shakes to get the same amount of calories each time. For example, 1, 5 tears of protein, 1 TBSB linseed oil or 3 TBSP nuts, 1/2 cup berries

Fast – all at once. For this part I use Magic Bullet. Magic Bullet is probably the best thing I've bought for a long time in our kitchen. Pull out three Magic Bullet cups / shakers, add water and all the food, mix, cover the covers and you are good. The shaking of 3 shifts approx. It takes 5 minutes (seriously it's fast).

If you want to lose weight but do not have time to eat, then enjoy Slim Fast Effect and use the shakes to jump to start losing weight.

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