Secrets of Teaching Yoga

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What you want to read is usually about teaching. In fact, we are all teachers. You teach your friends, colleagues, strangers and family members every day.

The example you set teaches someone. Whether you are a positive role model or not, people and the world react to you. I'm sorry to say you have more responsibilities than you could.

Recognizes that if a person hurts, he moves an event chain? Worse still, most violent acts are motivated by smaller, seemingly irrelevant events

When you talk to your students, you always have mutual respect. Do not use your Yoga teacher position to temporarily feed your ego.

The first thing a yoga teacher has to put into their own students is your motivation. A serious yoga student must be a starter. This is a person practicing yoga at home and in class. They do not depend on their friends to come to class and they look like "clockwork".

How can you make Yoga students self-motivated?

voltage. Encourage all students and sincerely praise their achievements. The truth is that yoga is like music, you can teach a student to the basics, but to be a master teacher, you put creativity into it.

When students become creative, they can help them refine their yoga practice

A really great teacher makes teachers who surpass him; and not "flowing through the torch", what is it?

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