Scam – Yoga in a Hot Room – Part 1

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I hear this stupid thing in the hot room, like yoga. I have found that the general public is very ill aware of human physiology and how our bodies react to the hot climate. This is the first part of a two-part article designed to provide people with important information about what is happening to their bodies when they participate in these "hot" exercises and how to increase the risk of heat dissipation and heat loss. I also try to show how many claims are completely false.

This is a short list of the most dangerous claims I found about hot yoga in the internet.

"Improved Pulse Enables the Body to Combine Grease and Cardiovascular Training"

"Increased sweating helps your body eliminate" toxins " .

Scientifically Determined

Increased Temperature Gives More Flexibility

It has been scientifically shown that increased core temperature is about 3 degrees below threshold where connective tissues such as belts, tendons and muscles become more elastic. This increase in temperature can be demonstrated to be effective. For example, 20 minutes of "cardio", such as running or cycling, can hold the core temperature up. External heat, such as heat shots, was applied directly to the muscles, proved to be effective in increasing the temperature of the tissues. If these "hot" workouts result in an increase in flexibility, then I have to find some research to support it. But if you like it you feel no one is arguing about this point

"Increased heart rate increases fat burning and cardio fitness"

Increase in heart rate resulting from excessive fluid loss to strong sweating. The heart needs to pump more often because there is less blood volume per beat. This is an early sign of dehydration. It has nothing to do with fat burning or cardiovascular fitness. This also causes you to get tired before time and causes the body's core temperature to warm up even as the heart now works harder. It begins the vicious cycle around the growing body temperature and determines the path of illness or heat exhaustion.

"Excessive sweating causes ejaculation of toxins"

Sweating does not remove "toxins", this is a complete lie with no scientific evidence at all. The only possible way to sweat is when detoxification is to restore drug addiction. In these cases, cure should be kept under the supervision of a doctor, and even this is very weak in scientific research and is most likely to appear in alternative medical articles. Sweating in a hot environment is your body's way of cooling the water distillation. In a damp room, sweat is much less effective for cooling the body. Removing sweat also prevents sweat from sweating. If the room is wet (and I read about 50% of the moisture content of the hot yoga rooms), the sweat is even less effective when cooling. This triggers the vicious cycle of body temperature, then your body gets more sweat trying to cool itself down and then dry out. This is also a dangerous situation if you stay hot for too long. All this extra sweating is just a recipe for dehydration and heat exhaustion. There is simply no perspiration of toxins. This is an idea that the scientific medical community laid decades ago. The fact that it still exists in pop culture is completely ridiculous.

Part 2 of this article explains thermal acclimatization, so I think this "hot" exercise trend is simply a marketing angle and the true benefits of yoga.

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