Rebalance the energy to restore the body's health

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Energy therapy, also known as energy conservation, spiritual healing or energy medicine, is a branch of alternative medicine that suggests imbalances in the "body of the body" in the body. Therefore, attempts to rebalance the energy space can help restore the health of the body.

Supporters of the therapy show that healing or treatment means getting rid of the occlusions or negative energies of the vessels. In addition, a later episode of poor health and disease has advanced to free up the "contraction" of body and mind. Some methods suggest further treatment to fully cure the condition in severe or persistent cases. The therapist recommends traditional medicine

Types of Energy Therapies

Energy therapy promotes the concept of healing, which is able to help the person seeking help by various means, for example, by remote healing, by hand – healing and cruel healing. Furthermore, energy therapy is not religious, that is, religious affiliation is not a prerequisite for receiving cure.

Therapy can be distinguished by perceivable energy (true energy) and health methods that are uncontrollable or physically undetectable energies (Putative Energy Medicine)


Types of VEM include the color function , light therapy and magnetic therapy. Generally, conventional medicine that uses electromagnetic radiation (magnetic resonance imaging or radiotherapy) is not advanced as an energy drug.

· Pative Energy Medicine (PEM)

PEM types include bio herbal therapy or direct "energies" that are thought to lead to healing. The technique includes psychic healing, spiritual healing, therapeutic touch, magnetic healing, esoteric healing, healing touch, Qigong healing, Pranic healing, Reiki, crystal healing, distance healing, Ayurvedic medicine and acupuncture

. such as Prana, Qi (Chi), Mana, Vital Fluid, Pneuma, Orgone, Odic Force, etc., for example yoga presumes to change the fine paths in the body (Prana). However, yoga uses a number of activities such as deep breathing and stretching that are thought to manipulate energy.

Polarity Treatment

This is a type of medicine that promotes the idea that the health of the individual is both negative and positive in their electromagnetic field. As a result, polarity treatment is advanced as it is able to cure various human diseases, from cancer to muscle tension. However, some recent research findings contradict the claims that polarity therapy is indeed a disease, including cancer.

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