Protein is a fuel for mental and physical performance

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Continuous protein supply maintains many different body functions. Proteins are not carbohydrates that are stored in the body as fat or other nutrients produced by the body from a number of sources of food. The only place where the proteins are stored is in muscle tissue and in almost every cell of the body. If the level of protein is too low, the body will hide these essential amino acids from the strong muscles and tissues.

In addition to muscle loss, too little protein in the diet is fatigue and lethargy. This weakened state can endanger both your mental and physical abilities, and your overall performance suffers. Regular protein nutrition helps with all foods to supply amino acid components to support muscle and connective tissue growth. These are essential elements for maintaining the body's motor functions.

In addition to contributing to physical strength, proteins help regulate hormones and blood sugar. The result is increased mental focus and greater stress recovery ability. One of these stresses is a loss of fluid due to training activity. If you consume enough fluid, the proteins help to ensure that the liquids reach all the necessary parts of the body to function. Proteins help to ensure that cells do not hold too much fluid. Maintaining fluid levels supports nerve function that helps regulate the body and treat things like muscle contraction.

As your body splits the protein you consume, you need to keep the supply constant. This means that it will not help filling the protein for breakfast and then avoid the rest of the day. Too many proteins in one sitting more than your body can catch and pass. Then when it comes in the afternoon, you begin to feel fatigued when your body starts to rob the amino acids.

When you reach this point, it is best to have a handful of raw almonds or nuts or a sliced ​​cheese. Stay away from the candy in the automat. All this sugar at the top of fatigue insulin rushed and spoiled the fatigue. Insulin is then hungry and attacked to keep their healthy diet in the winter. Similarly, when working during the daytime; be sure to eat a little protein after the session is over. This will help proteins to restore muscle, balance hormones and help hydrate the body while drinking water.

Protein sources, including fish, beef, lambs, chicken and eggs, are found in many foodstuffs of animal origin. A comprehensive source of protein that contains many of the essential amino acids required by the body. In addition, dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and whey protein are good sources for comprehensive proteins. Yogurt and some cheeses benefit from the benefits that many of the useful bacteria need to help digestion and support the immune system. If plant-based proteins are preferred, good sources are beans, different nuts and seeds. These foods also give fiber and reduce the absorption of proteins, so use sunflower seeds, almonds and other protein foods to your usual diet.

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