Prediction of sudden gains and unexpected prosperity in astrology

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In today's world, most people want to look for wealth and wealth in their lives to fulfill their desires. Sometimes risky steps are taken to reach sudden benefits and prosperity

Lottery, stocks, gambling, speculation are risky methods for sudden profits. Though hidden treasures and unexpected inheritance include sudden wealth and wealth. The Factors of Sudden and Expected Waiting for Astrology

· Second House: Income, Financial Influence, Own Property, Secular Estate

· House 4: Comfort, Parental Heritage, Property, Vehicles [19659002] · House 5: sudden profits, lotteries, gambling, speculations, etc.

· House 7: Business Travel

· House # 8: Shares, Hidden Transactions, Money of Others, Laws, Money with Unfair Means, Heritage

· House 9: Light Profits, Fate

· 11 house: accumulated wealth, fluctuating money gain

· Day: sudden gains from royal or governmental.

· Mars: planning, publications, police, land ownership agriculture, bills, and sudden investment in medication

· Moon: profits from liquid or gaseous things: sudden gains from spirits or the creative nature of mankind

· Jupiter: The Saints or Banks Profit, Regulates Bank Shares, Money, Gold, and Other Valuable Sellable Items Like Diamonds and Precious Stones

· Venus: sudden gains from music, cinema, vehicle medicine, literary activities, fragrant items

· Saturn: sudden money

· Rahu: triggers unexpected events in life, sudden gains from evil sources, fluctuating profits

sudden recovery

· Sudden and unexpected gains are detected when the 2, 7, and 11 ladies are raised and Jupiter takes care of them. · Drawing, speculation or sudden unexpected play The 2, 5, 8, 11 houses and their masters relate to each other.

· With regard to financial status and profit, ascendent houses 2 and 9 and 11 must be taken into account

· The strength of the fifth house and the fifth lord in the context of the foregoing is necessary for gambling, speculation, competitions, lotteries, contracts, etc. profits.

· The strength of House 8 and Prince 8 is the dowry, inheritance, will, adoption, prizes, prizes, secret wealth, and so on.

· Investigations of houses, planes, houses and planets are taken into account due to the gains and accumulation of life (3/6/10 / There are many ways to make a sudden profit: 19459005

Lottery and Gambling

The Fifth House / Lord's Strength is an Important Lottery Game and Gambling Profit

· A other major houses f or lottery gains and gambling 2, 6, 8 and 11.

· The moon is located in the 5th house and indicates the profit of the lottery that has been observed by Venus.

· House / Master 6 plays an important role in gambling. If the sixth and eleventh lords together occupy the 11th house, native lottery and gambling wins. The combination of sixth and eleventh lords is always good for gambling and lottery.

· The 6th and 9th ladies have a huge amount of money in the 11th house, native race or gambling.

· Saturn and Rahu favor gambling, especially in indoor games.

· The 6th and 11th and Saturn masteries are in the 11th house, the indigenous gambling game or the cards win weak tricks and their enemies are mysterious or humiliating. Mercury is the fifth lord who 6. occupy a house, losing speculation. If the fifth Lord Venus is in the 12th house, he will lose the native gambling with the sixth ruler. If there are many bad planets in house 12, the indigenous person will not invest in gambling or lottery as he always loses.

· Mercenaries in House # 5 and # 2

· Mercury in House 11 with Own

· Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu together Virgo

· Every planet that has 2, 6, 8 and 12 Signs

· The fifth and eleventh rulers are the fifth in the house with junction

the second and the 11th together enjoy the fifth with the charity aspects

· Jupiter alone can produce sudden, unexpected profits in the 5th or 8th place or in your own home. The Ascendant / 5/8/11 are in the same house

· The fifth and eighth gentlemen are exchanging signs and the rising master of both of them is good. 5, 5 Lord Lord 11, 11 in House 2 (or 2nd / 5th / 11th Ladies together 2.)

· The Ladies are Houses 5 and 11

· The ascending, princes 2 and 5 are interconnected

· Ascending, lords 5 and 9

· Ascension is strong and 2/5/8/11 lords in exaltation

· Charity planets occupy the fifth and eighth houses

Subterranean or buried underground or hidden treasures The II. Lord goes to the 11th house, and the 11th is in the uphill, in the indigenous life he suddenly gets huge hidden treasures.

· The 2 and 4 lords are in the 9th house, with goodwill [19659002] · The 11th and 2nd lords in the 4th house, with goodwill

· The eleventh lord in house 4 will be united with charity

· The moon, Mercury, and Prince 6 in the 11th house make money on the stock market.

· The Sixth and Eleventh Lords of the 12th to indicate the loss of speculation

· Ascendant Lord, Moon, Sun and Beneficial Effect

· Moon-Mars combines the 2, 5, 8 or House No. 11

· Jupiter is 2nd, Mercury 5, and Moon in House 11.

The Moon, the fourth / second / fifth house / gentlemen,

· Relationships between the lords of the 2 nd and the 8 th, resulting in unexpected profit

· Leo ascends with the 12th house in the eighth house Vipareeta Raja yoga, which wins huge fortune.



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