Pre and post operative nutrition

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There are some simple things we can all do to optimize our chances for a safe, effective surgical procedure.

The first thing seems to be an oxymoron, but it does not really. You want to be as strong and healthy as you can to get started. Many surgeries have some peculiar ways when they are being made. Hip replacement, shoulder remedies and hysterectomies are also often exposed for months, so you, as a patient, have time to improve nutrition and health before actual surgery.

When I work with my patients and what is the luxury of time, I always value their immune status, adrenal gland strength, protein uptake, liver function and bowel status.

When assessing the immune status, it is necessary to make sure that the patient's immune system is as balanced and stronger as possible. Control of the condition of vitamin D, calcium and bioflavonoids is some of the building blocks that are important for a strong immune system. Sometimes Candida yeast infection or Helicobacter pylori infection is treated to get enough chronic stress from the immune system.

In Chinese medicine, the adrenal gland is where the "fire" of life is. This is also where there is a deep immunity of a person. Many people go to exhausted adrenal glands and complain that fatigue is a big problem with chronic sleep disorders. Testing for the function of the adrenal gland is often appropriate and can help determine the degree of dysfunction and determine the appropriate recovery strategy. Strong adrenal glands ensure that your energy accelerates and heals quickly.

The most important thing you can do to secure a strong adrenal gland is to stabilize your blood sugar by consuming smaller, frequent foods. This means eating three to four hours during the day. Make sure all meals and snacks contain at least 15 grams of protein. Minimizing the intake of simple carbohydrates is important. An easy way to think about this is to avoid "whites": white sugar, white bread, white rice.

Consideration should be given to protein uptake before and after surgery, to ensure that the necessary building blocks for tissue repair. Soy, whey and half-protein produce high quality, easily digestible proteins that will not overload the digestive tract.

Even if my patients are standing just a few weeks before surgery, the first thing I do is make a liver "spin". If you are thinking of this, your liver needs to process or remove all the medications and anesthesia that will be inserted into the system during surgery. Most doctors point to slow liver function in Chinese medicine. I use a "medical food" designed for the liver and take them a few weeks before and after the surgery again. Milk bait, dandelion, beetroot and artichoke herbs and foods, all of which improve the liver.

Note: Follow the surgeon's instructions to the supplement leaf before and after surgery. Various operations require different medications, some are incompatible with the accessories.

Last but not least to ensure that the intestine is cleansed before surgery. If you have regular and complete bowel movements, you're ready. If you are one of those millions who are sad or constipated, you should take a mild laxative, such as milk of magnesium, before the surgery, but not last night.

Everyone could do well to eat deliberately "light" the day before surgery. This is because you do not want your energy to be consumed by digestion and excess "sludge" that needs to be removed. Soups, salads, cooked vegetables and a small amount of high quality protein are the best menu items.

After the surgery, first take light meals, return to liver support and make sure you have a regular meal with high quality protein. 19659002] Be well!

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