Pneumonia and nutritional needs

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Pneumonia can be caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi and can lead to infection in one or both lungs. In the United States, about three million people every year will develop pneumonia and about half a million people need to be hospitalized for treatment. Five percent of those who are infected with pneumonia die, so disease in the United States is the sixth major cause of death. This article examines how nutrition, protein, and balanced diet can help prevent pneumonia.

Pneumonia may appear to be so cold for the first time that it may gradually become worse with symptoms that include high fever (104 degrees). Other symptoms include chills and coughing (every time a cough is formed, it may spin, discolor, or sometimes bleed in blood). Pain may develop in the chest if the external area of ​​the lungs (pleura) is affected; this pain can be sharp and it will be worse during the illness, but the pain is not always present. In some cases pneumonia may develop more slowly, and in some cases there may be many coughs, especially if the infection is far from the larger airway. Children, infants and the elderly should not exhibit any pneumonia or symptoms.

Some pneumonia is diagnosed only after a physician's examination when they experience acne or rough breathing in the chest. It is possible that some parts of the chest will reduce breathing, wheezing or breathing noise. Chest X-ray is the most effective way to diagnose pneumonia, but sputum samples, blood tests and bronchoscopy can also be ordered. Swabs can determine the exact cause of pneumonia and determine the course of medical treatment. Bloody work can help to determine the degree of infection and also indicate whether it is caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

In addition to medication, there are also some treatments that may be required Done. The pleural effusion is the collection of fluid in the pleural space that is removed by inserting a needle into the chest, called thoracentesis. In severe cases this fluid should be removed by surgical intervention.

Generally speaking, the most common cause of bacterial pneumonia is streptococcal pneumonia, which causes sudden development of symptoms including shaking, chills, fever and rusty sputum. This infection may spread to the blood, which occurs in 20-30% of cases, with 20-30% in fatal cases.

Two vaccines can be used to prevent pneumococcal disease, and children under the age of two and children between two and four years of age with additional medical risk are recommended for all patients. It is also recommended that patients with high risk adults receive the vaccine, including elderly people, diabetics, kidney or lung cancer, chronic heart, smokers, alcoholic persons and those who have removed the spleen. [19659002] Antibiotics they can be used for bacterial pneumonia, but it is important that the cultures be completed to ensure bacterial characterization. Another type of pneumonia responding to the antibiotic often occurs in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or alcoholism.

Mycoplasma pneumoniae is a bacterium that causes very slowly developing infections with symptoms such as chills, fever, muscle pain, rash and diarrhea. This bacterium usually occurs in the summer and fall months, and is usually called atypical pneumonia.

There are other conditions that are technically pneumonia variants, including Legionnaire disease and others. Legionnaires are often caused by contaminated water resources and potentially fatal if not accurately diagnosed and treated. Pneumonia is only a part of the general condition, which includes high fever, very diarrhea, slow heart rate, vomiting, nausea and chest pain. This is more typical for smokers, older men, and the functioning of the depressed immune system.

It is important to note that viral pneumonia does not respond to any antibiotic. The body's own immune system typically overcomes infection itself, but it is important that the condition is monitored so that the secondary infection does not develop and deteriorate in the disease.

Inflammatory infections leading to pneumonia are very rare in the United States and each one contains medications and treatments that are used to eliminate it.

Not only the type of pneumonia, but also the preparation of medication. In recent years, it has resisted a number of infections with drugs that were previously being treated. Of these, methicillin-resistant Staph aureus or MRSA is most commonly known. People with this type of infection may need to be placed in contact isolation, especially in hospital or long-term care. It is important to listen to anyone who has come out of your room when in hospital, not only for MRSA, but for another super robot for C.difficile. According to a recent study, a fifth in a nurse's uniform was C.diff, just like barriers, waiting tables and other hard surfaces.

It is important, therefore, to make sure that you do your best to be healthy, especially during the cold and flu season, or for people who are in high risk of infection. Those who have weakened their health, including those who have an autoimmune disorder, use chemotherapy for cancer or other conditions, cause chronic illnesses, smoke or regularly contact those who may have pneumonia. Healthcare workers are especially encouraged to use this vaccine.

In addition to the vaccine, other things can be done to protect yourself from pneumonia infections: a healthy and balanced diet, every night you have enough rest and exercise at least thirty minutes per day. It is also important to make sure that you handle stress sources in your life.

Supplementation of protein with food consumed with meals is an excellent way of not only getting enough protein (which is vital to a strong immune system

Protein supplements, especially those that can be stored in a training bag ), but can not reach every meal.

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