Plant Nutrition – Knowledge of Organic Fruits and Vegetables and Healthy Nutrition

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First of all, let's make it clear how to understand what is organic. :

The long-established debate and is now a hot topic of organic fruits and vegetables. Nutrition is a very broad definition, as well as health and nutrition, and for some reason the "organic" seems vague. Now let's start with some basic definitions that all of us need to know about understanding "why" and "how" understanding in order to begin and maximize our health.

First, we all have to understand that there is no definition of "organic" for the FDA. It has never been released and this authority does not have much to say when it regulates organic products sold in stores. Instead, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees the National Standards set by the National Organic Program (NOP) and enforces it according to the guidelines it establishes.

The definition of an organic NOP is defined in a long text, a "organic food production act in 1990" and in this 21-page document you can find a lot of things about how things can be treated in the US in theory. The bottom is that a state or even a private enterprise receives the authority to issue an "organic" certificate to farmers producing their products according to NOP specifications.

Officially, if there is an organic label on the product, it is organic. But if this is a sealed, processed product (I do not notice food …), only 95% organic. Does it matter? "What can I do for 5%?" "All my life" regularly "ate meals", why should I suddenly go from regular veggies to nutritious meals of organic vegetables? "

Mandatory knowledge of organic nutrition:

The answer is yes, ecological is better for us, in fact it's the only food for us Like a previous article, roots that once were planted in the depths of the mother's nature and re-established the best monetary value for the landowners in the laboratory

The real issue is our health, happiness, and perseverance, the most fundamental thing we must remember, that is to say, organic matter in this day means, first of all, that it avoids the avoidance of the chemicals that we have never seen originally, except for our weeds, to avoid genetically engineered substances that have never been established which have proven to cause many diseases because Cancer is the most famous. It prevents it from taking dangerous substances that keep the insects away. This avoids the risk.

Health is natural. That's how we got it. We were born with a system that is able to handle a wide variety of materials. We did not begin to understand the vast part of this body. Our body can handle multiple materials simultaneously with minimal energy consumption than the world's lab. Put gas on a diesel-powered car and get in trouble. Add natural material to our body and I think you can find where I'm going. Deafens are grouped around food and ecological complexity:

As we have already understood, ecological, NOT, again, not as far as never-ending path. Among the many factors influencing the quality of fruits and vegetables is the soil on which it grows. For example, when you read the nutritional facts of a tomato, for example, you will find that there is 15 mg of magnesium in "serving" a tomato. What are these concepts about each product, but how do people know who they are writing about? the simple fact is that it is not.

are averages and up to date calculations, and a number of test rules, but the fact that we simply can not know without checking each piece of fruit or vegetables in front of us. In order for the logo to contain magnesium, the soil in it must be rich enough to serve tomatoes. Not enough Magnesium in the soil, not enough magnesium in tomatoes. It's as simple as that (well, it's a bit more complicated than actually because there are several factors that help you pick vegetables in magnesium …).

The point I'm trying to make this sneaking look at the world of food production is: [100%] We never know 100% in our food, but we have to do our best to know that this is all about to begin knowing what is NOT in our food (chemicals, genetically modified materials, etc.)

while trying to get a balanced diet or get rid of a two-month cough, organic food and nutrition-based nutrition is the absolute ultimate point of departure .

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