Part 2 of Sports Nutrition

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When we think about sports nutrition, we often welcome the thoughts of the nutritional needs of athletes and sports men and women. But is the nutrition that athletes need so far as a normal individual? I would say yes and no. I think it depends on how you look at nutrition. In general, sports nutrition focuses on the quantity and quantity of each macro nutrient, so that the individual is best at the sports field and in the sports field. Directly from the bat who is playing sports, he will need much more food to ensure a mere level of activity and, at certain times, an increase in certain food sources.

When demanding sports, the individual must complete 100%. time. It is the place where the role of the elements of sports nutrition, the nutrition for working muscles, is at a crucial time before, during and after the competition. Without taking into account the above, we are likely to limit the performance that an individual can achieve in their sport by not providing the right nutrition at the right time. This means that the sheer amount of calories plays a key role

The body has a certain amount of calories a day that it has to perform best before thinking about eating a sport. Suppose you need 2000 calories a day to be in your daily life, but you run football once a week and burn about 500 calories a week. This means that it only gives you 1,500 calories in one day, which is not enough. Sports nutrition can quickly remedy this by simply adding an extra meal to your daily system. The amount of calories you consume daily is a basic requirement, without which we cannot provide technical assistance with sports nutrition strategies because real funds do not exist. In this case you have to eat more.

As mentioned above and after calorie control, sports nutrition forces carbohydrate, protein and fat intake into the daily diet to optimize their effects. In sports nutrition, we want to optimize the use of carbohydrates and protein in exercise and in the neighborhood, while at other times we want to use fats to optimize the hormonal environment. In the field of sports nutrition, hormones are often overlooked as we focus on muscle and energy production, but hormones are masters of the body.

The anabolic and catabolic process is a well-known concept in sports nutrition, which often talks about training, but what about the manipulation of hormones like testosterone and cortisol? These two hormones are one of the main effects that a person responds to a workout without an optimized environment, the person may lose and become worse and too much to recover. Fats, like saturated fats, make a long way in hormone manipulation, so I never think that sports nutrition is built around proteins and carbohydrates, as well as fat, but the right fat.

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