Paleo Dietary Foods

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The paleo diet is short for the Paleolithic diet. This is based on the promise that human beings will develop for hundreds of thousands of years, while our diet is only about 10,000 years old. It is a scientific fact that the human genome has not changed much since then and is therefore genetically the same as our ancestors.

The paleo-diet is often referred to as a primitive diet, a stone-age diet, a hunter-gathering diet, or a primary diet.

Basically you eat like our ancestors before the agricultural and industrial revolutions.

Most of the modern diet is made up of cereals, sugar, vegetable oils and processed foods. In fact, the majority of the population eats almost exclusively this food. In fact, the diseases of well-being are the result of our unhealthy lifestyle, primarily the diet. Obesity, II. Types Of Diabetes, Heart Disease And The Metabolic Syndrome Every year, a new record level is reached.

There are still many hunter-gathering populations in the world who eat and move as much as our distant ancestors. They do not suffer from Western diseases that are common today. Their bones are strong and their teeth are full, even in old age.

Many have achieved incredible results to imitate the true paleolithic diet as close as possible. Of course, we can't eat exactly what we eat, but we can be close enough.

Paleo diet foods include meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Certain foods are not permitted on the paleo diet and these foods, which are largely the main causes of the increasing occurrence of metabolic syndrome. These include sugar, cakes, candies, cakes and many other kinds of food, vegetable oil, cereals, dairy products and all processed food.

One of the best paleo diet foods is grass-fed meat, but grass-fed animals have excellent fatty acid and micronutrient composition than their cereal counterpart. However, when cash is tight, there is no need to leave the way to pick grasses or organic products, the main thing being to avoid modern garbage foods like sugar and grains.

Most people who do this diet find that some foods eat at the same time and are like high-fat dairy products, sweet potatoes and dark chocolate. There's really a huge online community in the paleo diet, and with a simple Google search you can find all the information you need for other paleo diet foods or paleo recipes.

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