Nutritional requirements

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Good nutrition should help to achieve and maintain healthy body composition and to ensure a high level of physical and mental work. The requirements do not change much between the ages of 19 and 45. Requirements, however, vary depending on the age, gender, and activity level of an individual. Here we try to categorize the requirements.

Nutrition for Children
Good nutrition is essential for children's growth and for the child's nutritional needs. It helps prevent obesity and other weight related illnesses. The following can help your child's nutritious diet:

o Regular Intake of Fruits and Vegetables
o Lean Meat, Nuts and Eggs Healthy Protein Source
o Whole Wheat and Grains contain a large amount of fiber
o Baking, Grilling or vapor instead of cooking food
o fast food and rusty foods should be limited to water and milk substitute sugary fruit drinks and soda

information on the child's nutritional needs. A healthy diet of children should contain the following nutrients: – Ironing – Hemoglobin is needed to produce an oxygen-carrying RBC component.
o Calcium – this is the key building block for strong and healthy bones.
o Vitamins – These are the healthy growth and development of children. O Carbohydrates – These are the most important and easily available energy sources for your body that may break down and the baby's blood sugar may rise rapidly.
o Fiber – Combined with the appropriate fluid intake, high-fiber fare helps digestion and protects against bowel cancer and constipation. It helps prevent diabetes and heart disease.
o Fat – It helps build neural tissues (like brain) and hormones. The body also uses fat as a fuel.
o Minerals – These are inorganic substances that help the formation of bones and teeth, essential components of body fluids and tissues, components of the enzyme systems, and nervous function.

Nutrition requirements vary by age, so parents need to consult their pediatrician to receive detailed daily recommendations.

Nutrition for Women
The fact that women have many life-stages in their lives in their lives is due to differences in female nutrition needs with men.

Healthy eating maintains a high level of energy and manages daily tasks and commitments.

Healthy food should contain the following essential ingredients:

o Lean protein – Proteins are vital as the building blocks of life. Amino acids from proteins are needed for growth and development.
o Complex carbohydrates from whole grain, fruits and vegetables, as they suddenly do not cause a change in blood sugar levels.
o Suitable fats (polyunsaturated fats) are required for the development and maintenance of certain tissues and for the absorption of certain fat-soluble vitamins.
o Basic vitamins and other micronutrients.

Nutrition for the Elder
It is possible that many older adults eat alone and are particularly vulnerable to bad nutrition. The nutritional needs of the elderly will decrease voluntarily, as it will be older. Again, if their nutrition is less nutritionally weak, there is a problem. It is true that in this life the energy requirement is lower because metabolism speed and exercise decrease.

It is still very important to eat different nutritional foods.

o Low nutritional value of high sugar, fat or alcohol. Fat should be in the form of polyunsaturated and polyunsaturated fat that provides essential fatty acids.
o Foods containing protein due to lower energy requirements must be of high quality
o Carbohydrates in vegetables, whole grains and fruits have high fiber content, as well as essential vitamins and minerals.
water intake to restrict travel to the toilet, resulting in a risk of dehydration. 6-8 cups of water a day.
o Some medicines can reduce or stimulate the diet and reduce the absorption of nutrients from foods. Nutrition metabolism and excretion are influenced by some.

Nutrition for Men
Although women have special nutritional needs because of their biological needs, men need to pay attention to their nutritional needs. In general, men's nutritional needs are greater than in women, as men have larger muscle mass and women than men.

Let's look at some important nutrients for men.

o Calcium calcium is an important substance in reducing the risk of osteoporosis in men, it may be too harmful. The risk of prostate cancer increases in men who consume high levels of calcium from foods and supplements.
o Ironists need less iron. Men with high iron stores are prone to increased risk of heart attacks
o Protein men measure more, so they need more protein. Unnecessary protein accelerates the loss of calcium in urine, and therefore men with high risk of kidney stones have to monitor their protein intake.
o Fiber men require more fiber than women are based on heart disease and energy intake.

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