Nutritional differences between raw vegetables and cooked vegetables

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In everyday life, some people love to eat raw vegetables, and some people like to eat cooked vegetables. Many people believe that more vitamins can be saved in the raw materials. In fact, according to the gastrointestinal tract and the absorption rate of food safety, humans should consume the cooked vegetables as much as possible.

Some people think that when vegetables are cooked, nutrients in it can be severely destroyed. In fact, only a small portion of the food can be destroyed during processing of vegetables. According to experts, vitamin B complex and vitamin C may die. Minerals and fat-soluble vitamins can hardly be destroyed. Minerals are only in a lossy state and can enter the vegetable juices. The lost vitamin C can be supplemented with fruit. In addition, fresh vegetable structure is quite full and close, which can easily cause digestive problems. In addition, rough fibers in vegetables do not die regardless of whether or not vegetables are cooked. Therefore, the role of attenuating patients with vegetables does not diminish in cooked vegetables.

The absorption rate of nutrients such as vitamin A, carotene and flavonoids can be increased by cooking vegetables. All these nutrients are soluble in fat. Do not dissolve in water. Only after the nutrients dissolve in oily fat can it absorb into the human body. In addition, the cell wall of vegetables can be alleviated during the baking process. Therefore, permeability of the biological membrane may be increased and nutrients, including carotene and lycopene, can be dissolved in such a way as to increase the absorption rate of the human body. In addition, vegetables generally contain large amounts of oxalic acid. oxalic acid can be eliminated during the cooking process, which can accelerate the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the gut. Experts advise that vegetables such as spinach and bamboo fiber containing large amounts of oxalic acid should be cooked before people eat to remove oxalic acid and improve the absorption of nutrients. In addition, environmental pollution is quite serious. In order to remove pesticides and fertilizers from vegetables, it is necessary for people to cook food to kill bacteria and sprouts. However, oxidase, which can destroy vitamins, will also kill.

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