Nutrition with Cancer – Avoiding 5 Foods

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If you are interested in curing cancer by eating, you want to avoid the following types of foods. Some alternative health experts actually call them "cancer patients". These foods also cause other illnesses. Foods to be avoided (including the other health problems they cause) are as follows:

Meat: Most meat, in particular bulk beef and poultry products, contain growth hormones used to quickly fatten animals before cutting. These hormones are not only potentially carcinogenic, but high-fat materials clogged with arteries, heart disease and intestinal diseases as the meat needs to digest the time. Meat literally begins to rotten in the large intestine before the waste products cease to exist.

White Sugar: Refined sugar today is one of the main causes of the disease. At the beginning of the 20th century, a typical American consumed only 5 pounds of sugar a year. Nowadays, it's probably closer to the 170 braid. In a number of studies, white sugar has been shown to nourish diseases such as cancer, diabetes and ADD, while contributing significantly to conditions such as depression and obesity.

Standard white table salt: The body requires only a small amount of natural sodium chloride per day. Most people use refined salt in most packaged food products, so most people have exceeded their daily limits because they often consume salt without knowing it. The tablet salt contributes to kidney problems, hypertension, arterial sclerosis, liver function and hypertension.

White Flour: This food product has remained from cereals that literally have all the nutrition and then bleached. It adheres to the gut wall and acts as a barrier to the vitamins and minerals that the body absorbs during the digestion process. It is also responsible for the chronic constipation problems that plague millions of people who are on the Standard American Diet.

Caffeine: This is the most popular drug for many people. This is extremely addictive (well-known fact for those who try to get out of it). Caffeine compresses blood vessels and beat heart rate faster – so you can enjoy coffee, tea and soda by pick-up rush. But long-term effects can lead to things like liver damage, kidney damage, hypertension and stroke.

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