Nutrition, supplements and acupuncture support for cerebral palsy

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Nutritional needs are determined by some key factors. First, the general stress load of the body, secondly, the digestibility of the body and the third previous exposure to reducing the nutrient quality. People with cerebral palsy are increasingly in need of proper nutrition due to the body's stress burdens and because of frequent multiple interventions in people with such a condition, they have reduced digestibility. Basic nutrition should begin at birth and be considered a critical part of all ongoing care. Optimal nutrition has five basic rules that can be paired with four basic auxiliary guidelines and acupuncture, which results in most people in the CP achieving greatness and improvement in overall health, energy, inflammation and quality of life. The guidelines do not change much from people's optimum nutritional needs; However, if the body needs more, then it is very important that good food is used with great care. If a lack of essential nutrients or digestive tract infection develops, it is more difficult to treat if there are more problems at once. Applying good nutrition at birth prevents later consequences and provides basic inflammatory control.

CP deficiencies are often static, but additional problems may arise when an area disorder affects another part of the body, where nutritional support is essential. Frequent areas of increased stress and therefore more need for adrenal glands, colon and immune systems. As stress support increases, nutrition is also needed, and the cycle is only growing. Childhood nutrition has a major influence on lifelong health.

Children are best suited to breastfeeding, but this is not always possible. In situations where breastfeeding can not be carried out, the most important benefits for children are the creation of a formula according to the principles of Weston Price. The formula purchased in a traditional shop often contains sugars, processed fats and additives that have a detrimental effect on the digestive function and may result in digestive inflammation and nutritional weakness, which may later lead to susceptibility to food.

Gastrointestinal infection is the result of long-term food intake that is difficult to digest for the body. Symptoms of inflammation are often masked and misinterpreted under other circumstances, but are generally considered to be food sensitivities. Food sensitivities differ from food allergies as they respond to an inflammatory reaction to foods that have mild symptoms and then become large-scale inflammation of the tissue. The most common sensitivity is milk, eggs, wheat, soy, corn and peanuts. Once the sensitivity is set, the results of the infections can generate a condition called a leaky intestine. Leaky intestine occurs when cells covering the digestive tract are inflamed and as a consequence the intracellular nodes unfold and the food particles pass through the bloodstream before they are completely disintegrated. These larger particles cause an immune response because the body perceives them as if they were viruses or bacteria. This immune response causes inflammation. If this process occurs daily several times a day, the result is a chronic low level of inflammation that may result in symptoms of gas, bloating, constipation, dirrhea and indigestion. Other parts of the body also have symptoms such as anger behavior problems, easy frustration, bedwetting, sleep disorders, frequent colds and infections, allergies, fatigue, and reduced muscle function and strength. In order to maintain the proper digestive function, you must eat the right foods and use proper nutrition nutrients.

To maximize nutritional absorption, consumed foods need to be close to their source, producing very low processing and high quality. All food consumed must still resemble what comes from, for example, an apple or an egg. Foods should be free of preservatives and additives as most of the compounds used to conserve food are related to the adverse effects on the nervous system and the brain. Organic products are always better than inorganic, in order to minimize the exposure of chemicals and pesticides used in large commercial commercial farming. Although the guidelines may vary depending on individual body chemistry and individual needs, the basics will remain. The protein should be from plant origin such as beans, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds or animal derived substances that are not treated with hormones and are minimally processed. Eggs are high quality fats and cholesterol are essential sources of hormone production. Good-quality eggs should have a bright orange egg yolk. Fat is the cornerstone of long-term health; the most suitable fats include raw coconut oil, cold pressed olive oil and organic milk, full fat crude milk and pasture-raised butter. The fats that cause inflammatory cycles and the loss of health are vegetable fats such as rape and maize oil. The carbohydrates of the diet are ideally derived from vegetable sources and if the cereal is used, they must be wholly unbleached and ideally germinating. Nutrition is a combination of chemistry, nutrient interaction, levels, and access to cellular functions and embedding are all key to affecting the body. For most people, nutritional supplementation is essential and if properly applied, it greatly improves overall health and digestion. Some of the nutrients entered in the diet can make a significant difference.

Four key categories of additions are indispensable for everyone. First of all, a good quality multi that is easily absorbed, supports cell function and antioxidant status. Secondly, an essential fatty acid such as fermented shellfish oil, the third is an ideal HSO-containing probiotic, soil-based organisms and a fourth antioxidant-supporting formula, with particular attention to the growth of glutathione levels. Incorporating high-quality accessories from these four categories provides essential support and improvement for long-term health and inflammatory control. As the proper nutrition routines take place, the addition of acupuncture increases the effectiveness of inflammatory regulation and increases digestive function.

Acupuncture comes from the Stone Age. It comes from China and can be used to treat all kinds of health conditions. Acupuncture works by stimulating the right organs, nervous system, muscle and hormonal functions by using points on the energy path, called meridian. Meridians are well-defined energy pathways linked to the functioning of the organs and the nervous system. There are several points on each meridian at very precise locations where treatment treatments are inserted. Each point has a function group and, when combined with other acupuncture points, results in an effect-dependent body function. In case of chronic inflammation, due to lack of nutrition, acupuncture helps to eliminate inflammation, restore normal function of digestion and increase nutrient absorption. Acupuncture treatments can also be used to improve muscle tone and strength, nerve conduction and balance emotional reactions. Generally, the effect of acupuncture can be achieved by a variety of treatments, but each individual is unique and the treatment plans may change.

Properly used nutrition and acupuncture therapy results in dramatic improvements in all health plans. CPs have some functional challenges, but poor nutrition and uncontrolled pollution may shift functional challenges to global malfunctions. Appropriate nutrition support prevents systemic stress from dysfunction and disease and improves quality of life.

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