Nutrition strategies for fat loss

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Would not it be nice to have a magic tablet you can buy today and dream tomorrow? But there are not any. Following some nutrition strategies, however, it is possible to change body weight in addition to a body weight training program. The following is not a buffet menu that needs to be selected, each one must include if you want to get results:

1. Eat 5-6 meals a day. Your body needs fuel for fat burning; if you miss out on foods, the body does not have the fat burning fuel. The best way to keep your metabolism high and fat burning is to eat a meal every 3 hours. These dishes do not have to be planted, but snacks such as a piece of fruit, a handful of nuts or a real fruit protein crush

can easily move. Eat Protein for all meals. Protein is the building block of the muscle, the bigger the muscle tissue of your body, the greater the metabolism, which results in more burnt and lost fat daily

. Avoid starch. There is some evidence of weight gain and fat loss to eat a lot of starch. In order to lose fat, starch is only required to register for breakfast morning (15 minutes after waking) and equilibrium cardio does not count (eg running / walking, spinning, aerobics, etc.) within 2 hours after finishing training

4th Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal. Fruits and vegetables provide a large amount of nutrients to the body without large amounts of calories. They fill these foods so they feed on less calories. Maize and potatoes do not count as plants (otherwise corn is actually a grain)

5. Drink a Post-Recovery Recovery Recovery. After finishing the exercise, the body needs specific nutrients to start the recovery process, which increases metabolism and fat burning. The post-workout shake shakes the best way to feed nutrients. Timing is important here; you must drink this shake as soon as you finish your workout.

6th Take a fish oil supplement. Fish oil can be detected in research to increase fat loss compared to exercise. Not only fish oil helps to lose fats, but also helps the heart, brain and joints.

7th Take a Multi-Vitamin Supplement. Even in the best diet, there are nutritional holes in it. This is why it is necessary to fill in several supplements daily to fill the holes

. Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol consumption slows down the fat burning process by eliminating the use of fat for energy and replacing it with alcohol. So instead of burning fat from your body, you burn alcohol out of your body. Drink water. If it is dehydrated, it is very difficult to process the body. To prevent dehydration, half of your body weight should be absorbed daily in a dose of water.

10th Follow these rules in 90% of time. No one is perfect and he can expect perfection, but he only fails. Therefore, it is necessary to follow only the above guidelines in 90% of the time, which will allow 4-5 cheated food per week. But if you miss a meal, it's a cheat.

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