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Question: How bad are French fries?


I think the best French description is "edible tumors". However, in contrast to the original cancer bars (cigarettes), French creams will increase.

According to my girlfriend Jon Herring, should also avoid potato chips, roast cereals, taco mussels, biscuits, cookies, and so on. They all contain simple carbohydrates and fatal trans fats.

Q: If you consume more vegetables, what can it mean? Anything specifically?


Vegetables help fill and reduce appetite. They also help regulate blood sugar levels and insulin levels. These are important factors in loss of body fat and loss of weight loss.

For each meal, eat 1 cup of such a vegetable. Try eating vegetables every day.

cauliflower, br>

green peas



Brussels sprout


Question: What's the Garden Lettuce


Field vegetables, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, peppers, onion, maybe some strawberries, small amounts of cheese or nuts. Make sure the added cheese and nuts match the recommended daily calorie plan. You can also throw chicken breast or salmon fillets so you can get the protein source.

Keep in mind that we serve salads or fibrous vegetables before or after each meal.

Q: How many extra virgin olive oils are you using?


1-2 teaspoons. Just sift enough to increase the salad. Indeed, the whole key here is to rethink our taste buds to re-evaluate REAL foods (and say good-bye to the lifestyle of sugar, salt and trans fat)

Fresh products are amazing when you get quality products (which really can not be hard). I want everybody trying to make a little improvement on a daily or weekly basis during their vegetable entry, especially if you say "Eww" in the above list.

Q: What kind of protein should I eat, I thought it was bad?


Anything that is low in sugar and good taste. If nothing complies with these norms, consider home proteins (find recipes on Google) or search for nitrate-free meat pieces / meat products. Alternatively, you can take all high-protein foods.

I use organic beef as a portable protein nutrition

. Q: A post-workout drink containing simple carbohydrates and proteins is best for shake after exercise? Or just a protein?


Dr. Chris Mohr offers carbohydrate and protein after training. You can easily get this in chocolate milk or fruit and protein shakes.

My client is aiming to avoid large glycemic liquid sources of sugar and so far the results have become great.

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