Nutrition plays a role in HIV treatment

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The human body largely depends on the diet that is consumed daily. Due to inadequate nutrition, the body becomes more susceptible to disease because the body is unable to maintain the immune system and otherwise be able to. Individuals diagnosed with HIV should pay particular attention to their diet as they are constantly attacking their system and it is important for the body to have the best possible resources when it comes to controlling the population of the virus.

There are six classes in which nutrients fall.

· Protein – used for muscle building and strengthening the immune system

· Carbohydrates are used to generate energy

· Fats are decomposed into carbohydrates and used for energy

· Vitamins for regulating body processes

· Minerals – regulating and maintaining tissues

· Water – Over 70% of the body weight and important for all aspects of life [19659002] If you are HIV-positive, it's important to ensure that your body has the nutrients you need immune system, as far as possible. This would mean that you will need a diet that is higher in protein than an uninfected person. Our system will probably use more energy to fight the virus and maintain the immune system, which means it needs more carbohydrates than before the infection. They are especially useful if they are fouled or have high viral loads or opportunistic infections.

One of the most common side effects of HIV infection is weight loss. Excessive weight loss is dangerous as the body does not have the stored resources against virus and opportunistic infections that may affect the HIV positive person. Some of the reasons for this weight loss are:

· Changing taste sensation that can not flavor food

· Viral and antiretroviral drugs may inhibit nutrient absorption

· Side effects such as nausea and vomiting may make it difficult to preserve food [19659002] · Tiredness and antiretroviral drugs can be challenging even for food preparation

To some degree, they are able to overcome these problems. Try some strategies:

· When you eat, make sure your food is high in protein and carbohydrate

· Eat simple, delicious food to fight bad taste and nausea

is quick to prepare for being malnourished, you still have the ability to give yourself some food.

· Add supplements to your daily diet

If you're not sure the body will get the nutrients needed for a dieter and prepare you for a special diet plan that's easy to prepare and high carbohydrates and proteins.

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