Nutrition, Meal and the "New" Middle Ages

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You've heard all the conversations that 50 is "new" 30 and 60 is "new" 40, right? It would be good to believe that this is true and in many ways. Since I'm 52 years old (although I've almost finished 52), I feel strong, healthy and I think I can run, eat and drink like I'm still 32. But I was the first child at 32, and I promise, I certainly do not care to see this type of activity in the "new" age.

One of those reasons is that the media says what we want to hear. Who wants to hear you're old? I still have a problem turning the words "middle-aged" over my lips. But reality is, I'm 52, I'm 32 years old. For Dr. Seuss's paraphrase, my body is in a very good shape, its shape, but my nutritional needs change. my body, and I must be realistic about accepting change.

As a nutritionist, I know I have to pay more attention to the types of foods. There are many nutrients found in the whole meal and we almost always recommend that people eat it all, not the supplement. This is because most of the time there are ingredients in food that absorb the body more effectively in the interest of food.

A nutrient that I would particularly like to discuss is calcium. We need to make sure we get enough calcium, just as we did for you. I know, the smallest of me, my bones will not be as strong as theirs. Since I do not lift weights (actually my neck wears stronger bags in the house) to reduce the risk of bone disease, I have to make sure I get enough calcium.

Dairy products are probably the best way to get calcium in the system. I recommend low-fat milk, especially when weight is a cause for concern. One percent of milk is enough if you love milk and want to pay attention to your weight. I've heard that skim milk called "blue water", if I recommend it too often to someone. In addition, the difference between lean and 1% is only 18 calories – and for many people; these 18 calories have, for some reason, great differences in taste.

Milk products contain other substances that help your body absorb calcium more efficiently. The milk sugar known as milk sugar increases the body's calcium ability. For those who are lactose intolerant, low lactose milk is just as good. It contains simply another form of lactose and is easier to tolerate.

For many reasons many people do not like or do not consume dairy products. Of course, there is another diet alternative to calcium, including enriched soy products and greens such as cabbage and cherries. Sometimes calcium in vegetables is not always available to our body because it is linked to other plant chemicals in the food and can not be used by our systems.

This is where calcium supplements come in. Do not forget that these tablets are not a substitute for good food, but complement the food? However, since calcium is a particularly complex nutrient for many people, especially for women's consumption, supplements can be a good alternative.

There are many different types of additions available on the market. The two main types are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. Calcium carbonate is less costly, but it must be consumed with food and may lead to constipation for some people. Calcium cream contains calcium carbonate. Many people like this add-on, but they just have to agree. First, chewing contains 500 mg, which is maximally absorbed by the body. Second, when you start popping them like candy, you find yourself in a strong lax market! So be sure to see how much you buy at one time.

Calcium citrate is another popular calcium supplement. This kind of calcium can run out of any part of the day and is not a toothache. However, this may be more expensive. Just as with calcium carbonate, do not consume more than 500 mg at once, again b / c, which your entire body can handle simultaneously. Sometimes, these tablets will go up to 300 mg doses. If you can take them once a day, go on and buy 2 because you understand that your body does not use the full amount. Again, if you have all the calcium from the food, it's great. But as we say, for us, our body changes, and many of us can not handle dairy products as we used to. Good substitute for calcium supplements.

Now, if I could figure out what to buy for my memory problems, I'll be in good shape!

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