Nutrition items for healthy hair, skin and nails

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Good nutrition depends on the beauty of the beautiful hair, nails and skin and the foods we eat. In addition, our body needs enough rest and sleep

Hydration is the key to nourishing hair, nails and skin as water carries nutrients and important trace elements. Moisturizes skin, hair and circular matrices, thereby enhancing cell growth and growth. Drink 8-11 glasses of water daily – water purity is important and spring water contains minerals that are beneficial to the body

The body transforms vitamin D from the sun (energy conservation) and sufficient sunlight exposure is important while protecting against UVB and UVA radiation

Dietary nutrition requires high levels of amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins – research shows that fats negatively affect hair, nails, and skin development and growth. These saturated fats stimulate the body's sebaceous glands to lubricate extra oils that increase hair oil, clog the pores, and confuse contaminants.

Generally, it was believed that gelatin increased the circumference but was denied. Hair, skin and nails are mostly proteins, and a sufficient amount of protein should be consumed. According to the American Dietary Association, most Americans consume too much protein a day.

However, the problem is not the lack of protein, but the lack of minerals and vitamins in vegetables and fruits – is not enough in the daily diet. Certain deficiencies may include vitamin E, vitamin A, iodine, vitamin B, iron, zinc and niacin, all of which can be found in vegetables and fruits

. seeds that provide the appropriate combination of minerals and vitamins required by the body. Although scientists and scientists strive to develop a perfect supplemental tablet, they are not able to meet natural works.

Many doctors and experts agree that diet should contain at least 50% of fresh vegetables and fruits that help maintain healthy weights and extra nutrition

Nutrition should include foods such as broccoli, onions, sea ​​vegetables and fish (rich in silicon and sulfur) as well as one of vitamin B and biotin (brewer's yeast, soybean and brown rice). Omega-3 and omega-6 fats require omega-6 oils in cooking oil and fried products. Fennel, mackerel and salmon are a good source of these fats.

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