Nutrition is really 70% of success?

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General sayings and quotations are comprehensive within the fitness community. Some people do great work for the audience by providing some guidelines, while some, in my humble opinion, make it more confusing. I am dealing with these articles in an article that involves nutrition along with fitness for everyone.

The real answer is one that goes crazy.

It depends …

is doubtful for some people eating a diet that contains many fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meat and poultry, healthy fats from oils, legumes and nuts. But for others, if they consume less "healthy" diets with a dietary supplement, but 5-7 days a week, they will get the exact results they want to achieve.

The important thing is that we all need to eat a healthy diet as much as we can about general health, try to eliminate dysfunction and optimal performance. The fact that nutrition or exercise is the primary target of the human plan is in fact experimentation to find the right balance between the two long-term.

The key is long-term. it is very difficult for most people to eat 100%. Long-term health is not about exercise and nutrition, but to make consistent decisions that promote wellbeing and optimum performance. Work sometimes begins. The school gets in the way. Kids can get on the road. There are many, many factors that can occasionally fight the balance. The goal, however, is to try to make sure that 90% of your meals contain the foods we talked about and that it's easy for you to eat a meal that is not so nutritious.

Focusing on this, not about whether exercise or nutrition consumes energy and focus, you can usually achieve any purpose and live a healthier lifestyle. Colors count! So try to avoid rainbow colors every day, but not every day, but every week. Fruits and vegetables come from special phytochemicals and phytonutrients that provide not only the color of the food but also provide nutrients and intermediates that play a catalytic role in many body functions.

Whether you're Vegan or not, most people have a personal choice. Food allergy and intolerance may occur in both meat, certain vegetables, seeds and nuts. Either way, you want to be sure that during the day you will become sufficient protein to meet your individual body needs, primarily from whole fresh foods, and secondly from protein supplements if you can not get them from completely fresh sources.

Also get healthy, small amounts of healthy fats and drink plenty of water and non-sugary drinks and go well enough.

Trying to find the right balance for you

If you do all this and weight loss is still a problem, further digging for the right amount of food you eat and possibly the hormone abnormality may be needed

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