Nutrition – Functional Unity of Human Health

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Nutrition, a functional unit of human health, is feeding food to the cells of organisms in order to grow and improve and replace tissue worms. It also helps breathing. Living beings nourish or nourish survival. The way nutrition variants range from one organism to another, but each one has the adaptation characteristics that allow for nutrition.

People are directly or indirectly dependent on food, as they can not produce their own food. These are mentioned as heterotrophic. Nutrition plays an important role in the body and affects national education and healthy growth.

Education is one of the most important tools of nutrition that people, norms and other patterns of behavior that are indispensable for people to survive as a nation penetrate people. Consequently, the role of nutrition, dictated by cells and tissues in body development, is significant and always present in human society.

In traditional societies where education is informal and people's shared responsibility, nutrition ensures that the brain is fully integrated in people's culture. Nutrition makes it easy to sanction sexual behavior against people.

Nutrition determines the role of the central nervous system and other professionals in education. In the brain, brain brain, for example, is the seat of reasoning and intelligence. Before you can ensure proper coordination in the brain's brain, proper nutrition is required for fluid lubrication and service. Since the engine is unable to create or operate without the fuel or engine oil, nutrition is the fuel of the body, that is nutrition is the educational backbone. That is why many useful talents are daytime waste due to malnutrition.

Education requires a lot of energy for brain power. They believe a hungry man is an angry man. A typical example of a student in the classroom is about twelve hours of lecture or teaching empty stomach, it is difficult to find. Support systems and tissues will be uncomfortable and may cause general fatigue, even peptic ulceration. This circumstance is no different from a student in empty gastric training, which also applies to lecturers, lecturers and educators, which includes the planning of education education, lectures, or even the development of education in society, malnutrition in the community is unlikely to accomplish anything, because the brain is completely confusing and sleepy. Therefore, a person who does not have a braking brake is not recommended to engage in any educational work because it is dangerous and emphasizes the brain.

The body system is the subtle balance of the various substances, each of which must be kept within certain levels below or below normal levels; may be life-threatening. It is true that the greatest wealth is your health. Nutrition has played a major role in human and animal health.

Nutrition provides energy to the body, it builds certain body parts that have allowed the skin to be inoculated and the mucous membrane component to lubricate our body. Ensures the right growth for young people. In addition to the gene, nutrition also determines the growth of young people. For example, if a twin baby was born and one was kept under malnutrition, while the other was a condition of good nutrition. It is a good nutrition and faster than other twin herbs, despite the genes inherited by the two parents.

Nutrition also improves depleted tissues and cells in the metabolism of the body, and is capable of producing a hormone such as a pituitary gland to grow long bones. Adrenaline associated with an autonomic nervous system due to fear and emergency. Also the pancreas, which regulates the oxidation of blood sugar and the digestion of food in the body, converts sugar into glycogen, thereby preventing the body from being diabetic. Nutrition is one of the reproductive agents, sperm, and energy to fertilize the ovary, other wisdom that results in sterility and impotence. Nutrition also helps the development of tissues and cells, ie bodybuilding.

Food also balances body temperature; the proper nutrition maintains the body temperature to 370 ° C, ie nutrition regulates the body's internal and external environment constant. Nutrition provides fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids to the body.

Also contains important minerals. Calcium and phosphorus are necessary for the formation and development of bones and teeth. The normal functioning of the heart, nervous system, muscles and blood clothing, DNA and RNA require nutrition, even breathing. It also provides magnesium, potassium, sodium and chlorine to muscle contraction, to transmit the pulse of nerves and to maintain the osmotic balance of the cells.

Nutrition also provides retinol and thiamine that preserves skin and eye health, helps night vision and cellular respiration. Vitamin B provides complex and ascorbic acid for the digestive system, increases resistance to the disease and helps wound healing. Nutrition helps in the selection of metabolic waste and the delivery of hormones.

Nutrition is a vital component of human life. According to the characteristics of living things, everyone has to live on the continuity of life.

Even the dead knew the importance of nutrition and then let the digestive products feed on it. For the same reason, nutrition is a brain – child and health condition. Nutrition does not have the mind or the will, the brain is that the body, the government and the world must fully give the form, color and respect of the food. Nutrition has always become the means of the body, and it remains, and this means that the body must continue to play a decisive role in nutrition nutrition.

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