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This is a pretty detailed story that is aimed at nutrition for the elderly. I was raised as an RN in the aging process at the nursing school and what specific illnesses I have suffered among the elderly. Nutrition for the elderly is not part of the curriculum. Let me go over it to understand how food is matched in the aging process.

In hospital practice, I did not really evaluate elderly problems because hospitals are acute care rather than chronic care. We knew that older elderly patients are in the hospital, the more likely they become confused, are progressively sick, complicated, and often die. Because of the lack of full-time care, I left my hospital position to work in the nursing home as an ADN (nurse assistant) where a friend took the position of a manager and sought good help. In the first few weeks I sent more patients to the hospital because of ER due to ignorance! The first patient had a hard, hot, swollen, reddened area with his right calf. Acute care, it's a clot. It is very dangerous because it can be released, goes into the lungs, blocks air flow and causes death. Chronic care, as in this case, may be a recurrence of phlebitis. The symptoms are the same (red, hot, swollen feet), but the reasons differ. I did not regret it because you never know really . It may be a clot, but he would not have sent him with the experience of more experienced staff and the history of the patient.

Several body systems affect the nutrition of the elderly. Let's start with the head and go down.

1. Memory loss. is not a normal part of aging. There are plenty of old people who have no memory in memory. A lot of information is available to handle memory loss. How does nutrition affect memory? Yes, I'm doing this right. Read it again, then continue. It must remember to buy food, store it properly, prepare it and eat it! Any such move can be forgotten. I saw people go to their wardrobe from the food, find something like that or nothing, then go back to their seats to watch tv and not eat. The food is bad, and it is also atea – things are different from our time. The thought goes to making a meal, what if you forgot to make a sandwich? What if you forgot to take your medicine or if you thought you ate, but did you really take your medicine? Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat Vision fades, hearing is over, smells are different, there may be swallowing difficulties … mouth pain, toothache, dry mouth and mismatched dentures. How many times have the diet been given to the elderly in a box? Have you examined the ingredients? It causes milk-based mucous membranes and increases swelling difficulty. Leaving a meal is not a question if you have trouble. Are you homeless? No way! How and what do you eat if your mouth is sore? What if your teeth are loose? Do you see that eating can lose your appeal?

3. Release the stomach next time. As we age, everything slows down. It takes longer to digest food. Many times, sweets are the flavors first, because the taste buds are changing. What about a glass of lemonade or sweet tea? They certainly do not allow salt to be added to the food, so sugar. It is then less eatable because the stomach fills up faster than emptying. Of course, you can always rely on a nutritionally unique one.

4. Relocation of food reduces the rest of the system, removal of nutrients and waste removal. Larger Percent Transverse Impact & # 39; older people than in any other population. This means that the food comes from the stomach, into the upper part of the bowel, then it just sits and solidifies. If this becomes a barrier, mark it as critical.

5. What about the bladder? When your joint is damaged you do not want to get up in the bathroom. So you drink less water. Water nourishes the cells, nourishes nutrients and evaporates. When the elderly do not drink, they become dehydrated and become toxic! We go round and round, back to the memory that it affects when we are toxic. The first sign of dehydration of the elderly can be hallucination 6. Other problems heartburn (causes weakness and "feel ill"), difficulty breathing (if not breathing, difficult to eat), bone and joint pain (requires too much effort at the table), and emotional changes (primarily depressed).

Believe it or not, there is hope (over the box). Elderly nutrition due to advanced technology makes it as simple as a candy. This is an old cliché, but it still works! Reducing the size of nutrients to fall straight into the cells, avoiding digestion is the most important. The simple solution? Here are the benefits:

Memory is one of the first things that improves regular use. For the first time remind someone to take the food. Eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat? No problem! Just take a glass of water to sip. Keep in the mouth or even spray it on your skin. Nutrition will enter your cell phone! Do not warm up, though; heat destroys enzymes. Cellular nutrition does not require digestion, so the stomach is no problem. The intestines move better. As a result of nutrition to the body's cells, the body can effectively remove the waste. Both loose stools and constipation serve the balance! Yes, water is needed to feed the cells into the cells, but one cup of glass a day (even in divided quantities), so running in the bathroom is no problem. Then, when an organism responds to nutrition and cures it, it drank more water, it does not bother. Elderly metabolism is slower and often the activity is smaller, so no water is needed.

All body systems depend on balanced nutrition. The person carrying the prescription should inform your doctor about the commencement of the supplement to monitor them. It is common for doctors to reduce and eventually eliminate prescription drugs after a balanced diet is achieved! If your doctor will not work with you, will find one that you will find. You're finally paying, right? Get your money!

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