Nutrition for swimmers – what to eat and when!

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Every child involved in swimming sports can benefit greatly from sports nutrition. Because swimming is the foundation of strength, strength, endurance, and agility, the spa can provide a personalized diet based on training and competition requirements.

In addition to the benefits of improving the athlete's eating habits, awareness is a great opportunity to introduce and strengthen good general nutrition habits in the coming years. The promise of a significant impact on the performance and encouragement of others is generally sufficient to change and maintain it.

Sports nutrition is not limited to the competitive environment. Ensuring that the athlete consumes proper nutrition and fluids before, during, and after the exercise will also help maximize energy levels, provide the necessary fuel, and provide essential nutrients for growth, development and performance. .

Sports nutrition is the basis for tailoring food and fluid needs to an athlete to maximize physical performance.

Sports nutrition is not only the elite athlete. The junior, the age group and the recreational athlete can improve their overall health and performance, both in their consumption and in their consumption.

Sports nutrition is a rapidly developing area, with a lot of research every year.

Although recommended guidelines are available, all athletes are individual and may need to be adjusted.

The daily nutrition consumed by an athlete is called a basic diet.

The introduction of sports sports nutrition strategies is of little importance if an athlete's basic diet is poor.

Sports nutrition strategies bring the greatest benefits by reconciling a balanced and planned stock.

To ensure that the athlete's athlete is in a balanced basic diet, it is important to understand the concept of energy balance, food ingredients and how they contribute to fuel supply and the role of hydration.

Although every athlete needs energy (measured in kilojoules or calories) for training and competition, adolescent athletes have additional requirements for growth and development.

Adolescence is the time when maturation occurs and adolescents have to provide the optimal amount of energy and nutrients to meet their needs for growth, development and sports performance. Without causing enough energy or any nutrient deficiency, adolescents do not reach height or frame size.

Ensuring a balanced diet for adolescent athletes may be difficult, as adolescence is a period in which the individual is increasingly monitoring his / her meal. Children can be very impressive and lack the in-depth knowledge of nutrition and the basic skills needed to cook and choose food.

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