Nutrition for Centuries of Cycling – Food for the 100 Mile Ride

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Bicycle riding 100 miles (one hundred) in one day is not an easy task. In order to successfully complete the lead and without getting too much pain with you, you need to be well prepared. One of the common mistakes is that people are caught, they do not plan what they will eat.

The knight of the century has great demands on your body. You can expect to burn more calories for a century to have up to 48 hours of normal active life. As a result, it is imperative that you upload enough before, during and after upload to succeed.

Pre Ride

Start your day with a good generous breakfast consisting mainly of carbohydrates. Avoid greasy fried foods, rather like oatmeal with dried fruits, this is an excellent source of slow-release energy. Also, make sure that you drink too much to avoid dehydration.

During a Ride

You have to start replacing calories, which should be burned as soon as possible. The key here is little and often. Even if you are not hungry or thirsty, you should eat and drink a little every 30 minutes to ride. If it's hard to remember, set the wrist-alarm every 30 minutes to remind you. If you fall into calorie poverty, it is virtually impossible to get out of it without stopping riding.


Raising proper meals after a Knight of the Knight increases the recovery time. His goal is to drink some milk as he leaves the saddle, as it contains just the right balance of carbohydrates and proteins. Follow it in a good, balanced diet within the next 2 hours. Again avoid fatty foods from chicken with steamed rice and vegetables.

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