Nutrition Food – Healthy eating for a healthy life

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Well food can be widely classified: alkaline and acidic. The food we usually take is 70% acidic and 30% alkaline, which is actually contrary to healthy life. The human body is alkaline; maintain a slightly alkaline body plasma. Due to inadequate intake of alkaline food, restoration of equilibrium by removing calcium from bones and other sites, such as teeth, etc.

The acidic environment leads to the formation of harmful bacteria, and the alkaline environment leads to the formation of good condition. bacteria. Excess sugar, salt and milk are harmful, but curd and writer are healthy.

Alkaline fruit:






Watermelon (Neutral)

Apple and watermelon are diuretic and help reduce salts in the body and keep them healthy.

but not potatoes, corn and lentils

Alkaline seeds and grains:






Buckwheat does

Cumin seed

Any sprouted seed

Alkaline Drinks:

"Green Drinks"

Fresh vegetable juice

Pure water (distilled or ionized)

Lemon water (clear water + fresh lemon or lime).

Herbal tea

Vegetable broth

Unsweetened soy milk

Almond milk

Never drink tea, coffee and carbonated drinks like cola.

Fats and Oils:





Even the primrose


Coconut Oil


Germs (soybean, alfalfa, mung beans, wheat, small radishes, chickpeas, broccoli, etc.)

These points must also be provided for a healthy lifestyle:

o Fats and oils must not exceed 10- 15 ml per day (3 teaspoons)

o Carbohydrate foods should be reduced to a minimum.

o Avoid sugar and salt as much as possible.

o Drink plenty of water (3-4 liters a day in summer).

o Use mouthwash at night to avoid dental problems.

In addition to healthy eating, training is an essential part of a healthy life. One third of the body's toxins are removed with sweat only. Otherwise, it places a heavy burden on the liver and kidneys. Lifts and air-conditioned cars sweated a little randomly. So make yoga and Pranayama routine.

But always remember that nothing can replace a well-informed and well-understood doctor. Do not forget to have a regular medical examination.

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