Nutrition – Food diversity is the secret key to good nutrition

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You're what you eat. Nutrition cures more than doctors.

American consumers, especially women, are bombarded with numerous scientific advice. As we look forward to the latest news on nutrition and nutrition, it seems that counseling changes for a few months. Is the egg good or not? The first study shows that the eggs are bad, but later another study says eggs are good.

This reminds Dorothy of The Wizard of OZ movie. Dorothy has to find the way home and just think the wizard can help. Finally he realized that the wizard was not really a wizard at all and he was able to help.

Supermarkets are full of foods with some ingredients. Every day, it consumes a certain ingredient that is combined and recombined in many ways; Many of them are very refined, nutritious foods, on an incredibly long shelf, such as white sugar and white flour.

Many women now begin to see their doctors are not wizards. We are the wizards. Forget scientific names such as carbohydrates, protein, fats, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals. A healthy diet should be simple. Meals are not good when used excessively, such as meat and sugar.

Reduce the consumption of industrialized food. Did you find out how simple food ingredients are? Since the modernization, raw ingredients have little choice. Supermarkets have a lot of food. In fact, their basic creators are simple. Most of them are beef, milk, wheat, potatoes, tomatoes, peas and salads.

Food diversification is a key to good nutrition: I think many modern diseases are caused by reduced raw materials. Today, allergy and diabetes are epidemic. Allergic treatment is a few foods that are friendly and others are enemies. The best solution is to involve aliens in the body.

There are hundreds of tropical fruits and Asian vegetables. Each other has a positive effect on our health. The best diet is to reach the full spectrum of nutrients.

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