Nutrition and Vitamins for Fibromyalgia

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For all people with fibromyalgia who are referring to normal or unusual treatments in the hope of stopping and eradicating this disease. Keep in mind that I am a consumer who only provides information. I do not support it at all. I'm going to say this about the changes in nutrition or supplements that the physician needs to know before you begin.

Fibromyalgia is exacerbated by caffeine, sugar, fried foods, alcohol, red meat and highly processed foods. These foods really irritate the muscles and stress the immune system. The vegan diet is used by some people and is said to have positive changes in their symptoms. There are nutritional supplements that are used to reduce inflammation and reduce muscle pain, such as magnesium, malic acid (for green apples), melatonin, B12, and thiamine. Fish oils, turmeric, ginger helps in pain and increases sleep. 5HTP increases serotonin levels, helps reduce depression and sleep. Vitamin D is due to anxiety and depression. No matter what alternative nutrition or supplementary material you use, if you feel better then proceed. No two people are the same. So some people feel better. There is no independent study of vitamins and minerals that help, for example, symptoms of muscle inflammation. I did not find information on studies that look for the causes of the disease.

As a side note, one form of one of the best treatments or additions came back from day to day. A new person in our life is a puppy. This gives me a chance to get up and move in the morning. The pet treatment is wonderful for both of us. Yes, I told you, Fibromyalgia affects the whole family.

Whatever you decide, the best treatment process, remember that you have your life and you have to live. If one thing does not arrive after a reasonable time, speak up. The treatment affects both. The longer your fibromyalgia is, the more you feel it mental / physical, depressed and shameful. If you both have time and energy team, you can live as a team. Tell them not to be accused of memory problems / fatigue. The key is to treat Fibromyalgia. You can use memory books to stimulate memory. We use a dog to laugh at the day. Our ritual is used to make our love stronger. Yes, we also use Fibromyalgia, this silent giant, as a reminder of our marriage, is worth fighting for.

Are there other treatments like mediation, acupuncture and bone manipulation (chiropractic)? You are the only one who answers this question about how your symptoms will be affected. What about the massage? Can Botax help you? At present, there are several questions and answers. We are a patient-loving team and we look forward to the healing, I know it will be a day. I hope sooner than later.

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