Nutrition and hair loss

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Recent research has shown that hair follicles must always be provided with proper nutrition and energy to optimize hair growth. Since hair follicle is not an essential tissue and therefore one of the last tissue to receive its energy supply (or the first to reduce its energy supply), long-term deficiencies may lead to early hair loss. In addition, hair is one of the fastest growing tissues in the body (about 1/2-inch per month every month) so any long-term loss of energy or raw material in the hair follicle can cause hair cycle disturbance. Any nutritional disorder in the hair follicle will shorten the anagen phase of the hair cycle which will lead to an increase in infestation and the rest period will be longer by slowing regrowth. The liver keeps the glucose in the blood at a constant level and stores for several hours (approx. 4-5 hours) in the form of glucose glycogen. Therefore, it is necessary to eat regularly (every four hours) to maintain adequate bulb energy. A sufficient amount of protein, minerals and vitamins in the diet are important for normal hair follicles.

The most common nutrition-related hair loss occurs during the diet. Severe weight loss due to dieting often causes temporary hair loss due to metabolic changes in the body. The loss usually begins after 2-4 months after eating, but the hair regenerates after another 2 to 6 months after the weight stabilization.

Further research has shown that deficiencies include vitamin B-12 , the level of folic acid and triglyceride can lead to disruption of hair loss. Generally, all deficiencies cause transient hair loss, since after correction hair regenerates. However, long-term shortages may result in permanent hair loss and acceleration of genetic hair loss when present.

Other effects of hair loss are as follows: some excess of certain vitamins, especially fat-soluble vitamin A and inadequate intake, may decrease the synthesis of hair proteins and keratin

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