Nike Dual-Sided Yoga Mat Review

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If a branded person joins the sport, he must be Nike. They all compare and most are very good. Take, for example, the conveyor belt; The Moon Series is recognized worldwide for its design and comfort. Not to mention the high and high quality clothing range, the 2011 collection is particularly impressive. When a company with such a famous match comes out with a yoga mat, we have to wonder how good it is? Time to find out.


Whatever this product is, DNA is special. The two-sided carpet does exactly what it would do and offers two sides. Each page contains a different texture, which differs theoretically depending on the practicing sport. In real life, however, I have found no reason to favor one side, so I will not mention this review.

The Nike double-sided yoga mat is definitely a skull translator, partly thanks to its incredibly thin design, just 3 mm thick. What helps both sides in the texture that Nike says helps to improve the grip – he says I think with full heart. The carpet has a comfortable strap for easy transport

Dimensions are 66 "long and 24" wide. I found that it was exactly the right size for me, and I'm very tall, close to 6 feet. 1. The chance that this rug will be a perfect fit.

Overall, the design is quite satisfactory. The small Nike logo in the corner satisfies the brand watchers, while the textures have a different look. Despite its radical design you will definitely find some opposite slices.

In Use

Nike double-sided yoga mat promises final grip and practice, two statements I found to be true during use. This carpet will certainly offer you the grip you need. Dog descent, hovers, push-ups and triangle reports are easy to pull out. Practicality is also due to the accompanying strings. Yoga instructors find this carpet as a practical companion wherever they go.

Good points, the product definitely shares the problems. One morning I built a serious sweat and the carpet could not absorb and suddenly stopped on the handle. It is also very thin and sometimes hurts my knees in curtain positions, which is a big problem for a product that claims to be a yoga mattress. Finally, after one month of use, the two-sided yoga mat shows signs of early wear and tear. The adhesive between the two sides releases the edges, possibly fatal.


Nike delivered a product that can best be described as a mixed bag of joy and pure disgust. Yoga mats are certainly good looking, practical and perfect in size. 3 points most carpets are out of reach. Then there is the flipside; a product that does not offer almost any cushioning and shows wear after a few weeks of use. Ultimately, because of the lack of comfort and durability, this is a sober purchase that is a shame.

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