Natural therapy for asthma – yoga

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Asthma is one of the most troublesome respiratory diseases. Asthma sufferers suffer from periodic attacks caused by a shortness of breath that have a complete disorder. Almost every asthmatic patient suffers multiple attacks at night, during sleep.

Common symptoms of asthma: dry cough, difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, chest lightness and wheezing (hissing or whistling when exhaled).

Yoga for the Natural Treatment of Asthma

Yoga is an excellent alternative therapy for asthma. Free flow of air can improve asthma. Asthma attacks reduce yoga practice. Breathing exercises are very useful for opening your lungs to fresh air.

Back bending jobs are good for opening the chest to improve heart and lung condition. Exercising upper back arteries and chest opening positions helps exhaled asthma attacks. The front bends and the rear bending rods help inhaling the attack during the attack. The faeces can be removed in reverse.

Pranayama, if you can practice regularly, helps you with asthma in free life. Dirga prananyama is a multi-purpose asana and helps in slow and deep breathing. Nadi Sodhana helps with stress and emotional disturbance.

Cold-induced asthma may be aided by Ujjayi pranayama. Allergy triggers can be avoided by Sitt Kari or Shitali pranayama. Kapalbhatti pranayama is very good for reducing mucosal congestion.

These breathing exercises are very good for strengthening and relaxing the lung muscles. During the asthma attack this proved to be very useful. It reduces neuronal activity in the airways causing fewer bottlenecks during the attack. It helps to clean air flow. It helps stabilize the autonomic nervous system.

Yoga also has a stabilizing effect on the body's immune system. It is now proven that the regular and consistent practice of yoga increases the tolerance of the body to the infection and its resistance to local respiratory tract infection.

Yoga exercises work best in the empty stomach, but sometimes we continue to water to protect the respiratory tract. Wear light, loose clothing and exercise in a comfortable, well-ventilated, spacious room or outdoors, with a decent room.

Note: Remember that this natural treatment is not a substitute for asthma medications, but it only supports treatment.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended for health counseling and general information purposes only. Always consult your trained healthcare professional before starting any healthcare program.

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