Naked Yoga for Autofellatio and Autocountering – Linking Ancient Exercises with Modern Science

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Naked yoga is a form of erotic yoga, which originally meant that the participants wear yoga sans. This type of yoga is presented in a "class" structure, not in contrast to other forms of art where many people would take their position in nudity.

This artistic pursuit of the 1960s is the "flowering" movement; At this moment, interest in "naturism" or nudist camps became increasingly popular in the Western world.

This was the second time that her law practices became popular in the West. The first time he was in the 1920s and 1930s was concerned with the occultists with great interest and discovery. It is not so much the practicing / extensible forms of art, but rather the enlightenment of occult power and meditation. To date, one of the best books on the subject is Aleister Crowley, eight languages ​​of yoga, from 1939. This is a particularly interesting book for beginners as it simplifies concepts and procedures. For example, this is the only example I have seen as a book that recognizes that people can use a meditation chair. This approach is clearly useful for men and women who have spinal problems, which, due to the pain, feared the typical yogic posture. Crowley's other manuscripts deal with many other forms of art.

Now the third resurgence of these ancient exercises has once again set off to the West. The place where yoga is practiced is now present in the whole place. Everything from Power-Yoga to Naked-Yoga from everything you care about. The "naked" form seems to have become more popular than ever, and people in all parts of the Western world have participated in such gatherings of self-pronouncing nudity, exercise, and relaxation.

With this autofellatio and autocunnilingus, these are inevitable extensions to yogic practice. It is doubtful that any yogi did not recognize the possibility of self-injury by verbal stimulation of his own penis (auto-fellatio) or oral stimulation of his own vulva (auto-cunnilingus). Even those who have witnessed these extensive, seemingly close and extremely exotic postures are no wonder whether such forms of auto-sexuality can indeed be enforced.

The curious observer's answer is that these forms will surely help men and women implement intimate sexual acts. Not only that, but other technical applications that use modern physical therapy and understand the proper stretching techniques and procedures can help people like ever to achieve these amazing capabilities. Modern science and ancient practices make it easier for people to discover this form of self-growth than forbidden generations.

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