Muscle Development Through Hip Rotation Yoga Exercise

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Hip Rotation


Nourishes and opens the hips completely


Keep your legs strong, so that you feel steady to rotate your hips as widly as you can without upsetting your balance.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Inhaling, circling your arms overhead, and bringing your palms together. Interlock your fingers, with index fingers pointing up.

Look up at your hands. With your pointed fingers, "draw" a small, imaginary circle on the ceiling in a clockwise direction. Move your hips at the same time, also in a clockwise direction.

Make a slightly larger circle, with your arms and hip movements still coordinated.

Make progressively larger circles until you have completed 7 circles. With each rotation, stretch and lengthen through your arms and fingers as you bend forward, sideways, and backward. Bend completely in each direction until you feel your waist and back muscles begin to work. On the last rotation, your interlocked fingers should come low to the floor as you bend forward.

Pause and rest.

Start "drawing" large circles, near the ground, in a counterclockwise direction. Make progressively smaller circles as you return to the starting position, with your arms directly above your head.

Repeat the sequence in reverse, starting with small counterclockwise circles that get progressively larger, then making large clockwise circles that get progressively smaller.

Drop your arms to your sides, shake your shoulders, and relax.

Liver-Stimulating Exercise

Benefit Increases circulation and flow of prana to the liver to improve its function

Focus Firmly massage your abdomen.

Stage 1 Stand with your feet hip-width part. Place the palm of your right hand on your right upper abdomen, at the base of your rib cage.

Stage 2 Press your palm across the middle of your abdomen along your lower rib bones.

Push your palm up to your breastbone, to the left about 6 inches, down your lower rib bones, and back across to the right lower rib ribs.

Repeat this movement firmly 36 times.

Repeat this movement firmly 36 times.

Kidneys This simple Chinese exercise should be done in the morning.

Benefits Stimulates the adrenal glands and the kidneys by increasing circulation and the flow of prana

Improves eyesight

Keeps the skin smooth

Strengthens libido

Focs Imagine the heat and energy flowing from your hands into your kidneys to promote healing.

Kidney Massage Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and lean forward a little. Rub the palms of your hands vigorously together to bring warmth into your hands and fingers, then place your hands over the small of your back.

Massage the small of your back by rubbing up and down, then in a circular motion around your lower back for 1 minute.

Pummel Kidneys Clench your fists, and pummel the small of your back for about 1 minute.

Repeat this alternating massaging and pummeling action for 1 minute at a time until you have completed 5 minutes, total, of both movements.

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