Mudra yoga – redirects sexual energy

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Oil lightning strike & # 39; or "lightening". This Lord Indra's weapon is "huge". Vajra in this context refers to butter to nadi which regulates the urogenital system. This is the second innermost layer of sushmna nadi. Vajra is the flow of energy within the vertebrae that regulates the body's sexual systems. It is in everyday life responsible for sexual behavior, and this aspect is called "libido". Dr. Freud and the "Bodies" Dr. Reich. In tantric sadhane this energy does not cease, but awakening and redirection. There were mudras (lily, sahara, amarol) those that explicitly sublimate sexual energy with ojas (vitality) and kundalini shakti. According to Hatha Yoga Pradipika if butter oil is exercised well, even in a different way of life, higher legal results will be in the life and a greater source of vital and spiritual power becomes available to him. Some great yoga and master possessed these experiences, so their students were instructed by Mudras and other Hatha yoga techniques.

Vajroli Mudra is an important exercise in Kali Yuga today when one is able to express himself in the material and sensual world. We have to act in the outside world and at the same time develop inner consciousness. The goal of life would be to get a mistake and a more satisfying experience beyond a unique empirical sensory experience.

During exercise, you can learn how to control a physical mechanism, but it needs to be developed in parallel with mental management. When the mind is in vain fantasy, energy is dispersed. When the mind is concentrated on a particular object, symbol or point, primitive movements are channeled and the bindu is retained. In Hatha Yoga, the mind needs to be maintained for the purposes of exercising in order to show complete unity.

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