Most popular mobile apps for health and fitness monitoring

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Health costs rise for consumers and health insurance companies. One solution many companies sought to mitigate healthcare costs was to encourage individuals to focus on preventive care and healthy lifestyle decisions. When people develop healthy habits, the need for medical care is reduced and the amount of money spent with medical care goes with it.

Mobile applications exist for virtually any purpose, including more and more applications, personal health and fitness. Some great examples of these applications for both iOS users and Android users:

  • Loseit! (iOS): Loseit! is a free application designed to help users calculate calories. In addition, it provides many popular nutrition nutrition information, enabling users to provide intelligent options when eating. This special application allows users to monitor physical activity to monitor both calorie intake and calories when they are exercised. Again, this is one of many applications for controlling nutrition and fitness, and it's free
  • iBody (iOS): At the other end of the price level, $ 9.99, iBody provides the same features as free Lose! app, but it goes much further. The heart rate and blood pressure fixing site can help users maximize the effectiveness of their training. These are just two examples of countless options for placing the pricing up and down, so there is an application that meets the cost and functionality parameters you are looking for depending on your specific goals and needs.
  • Endomono Sports Tracker (Android): Sports Tracker helps users find jogging paths, track distance, and average speeds. It also provides audio feedback on every mile or mile, as well as the history of user lap times and music playback. This app includes gamification elements that allow users to challenge their friends to overcome their time on the routes and share the results of the training on Facebook
  • Food & Nutrition (Android): used with Sports Tracker if weight loss is one of your specific goals. This app provides thousands of food-related nutrition information that makes it easy to make decisions that best fit your physical activity level as you work to achieve your goals.
  • AllSports GPS (Android): If two free applications are too cumbersome, AllSports GPS is $ 9.99 and tracks training data such as consumed calories, distance traveled, and average speed. It also works as a calorie counter that helps you track calorie intake. This app is also useful for people who want to share goals and progress with their friends and family.

There are many more applications than you can discuss here so you can be sure that one or more exists (or will soon exist) to help someone be healthy and healthy. It saves money in the long run, avoiding a number of health problems linked to a lack of proper nutrition and physical activity. Thanks for your body, and maybe your employer will thank you for it.

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