Looking for fast nutrition supplements? go crazy

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Do you need a quick and easy nutrition that is really good for you? Going crazy.

Whether you're wild or nuts, crazy about cashews, or macadams crazy, a handful of nuts is an excellent choice for health-conscious nutrition. They are not only crispy and tasty, but offer a lot of food in a convenient, tiny package.

Protein Performance for Maximum Health

Walnut is high in protein, absolutely essential in all diets. Proteins play a number of important roles in general health; They are known to be the building blocks of muscle, but are cruel to all aspects of the body function. Proper protein is all the more important from mental alertness to immunity, smooth skin and hair up to cell regeneration – just enough protein is sufficient, full body and nut are excellent sources. These are low-fat foods, but the fats they contain are mostly unsaturated, which means that they actually contribute to the heart Health. Indeed, the American Food and Drug Administration supports some nuts, including almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachio nuts and nuts as a viable choice for the healthy nourishment of the heart; In 2003, the FDA approved the following health claims for walnut wrapping: "Scientific evidence suggests, but it does not warrant that the 1.5 dkg of nutrients per day can reduce the risk of heart disease due to low fat diet and cholesterol levels." [19659002] Fibers of Completeness and Effective Digestion

Walnut is high in fibers, which promotes regularity. Fibrous material is the main ingredient of satiety or after-meal satisfaction; a little nuts will feel longer for a longer time than for a less fibrous meal. This walnut is a wise choice for nuts.

Pay attention to service dimensions

The nuts are not low in calories, so it is important to pay attention to the size of the server. Tonsils, pistachios and cashew nuts contain about 160 calories in an ounce. Hazelnuts and peanuts (which are technically not nuts, but usually treated in this form) have a calorie content of 170 calories per ounce. Brazilian nuts and nuts are about 190 calories per ounce, pecans, walnuts and macadam about 200 calories per ounce.

If you seriously consider controlling calories, the food scale is invaluable when measuring nuts. There are about 45 pistachios, but only 8 Brazilian nuts fall in one gram.

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